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Spring means some horse trainers and ropers are getting their green horses in outdoor arenas for the first time. The new settings present new challenges and opportunities, and Brazile uses both to his advantage.


When NOT to Throw

Choosing not to throw your rope can make as big of a difference as choosing to throw your rope. 


Going Through the Paces: The Process of Developing Your Futurity Prospect

With the growth of the futurity business, will rope horses suffer by being pushed too hard too soon? Only in the wrong hands.

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Trevor Brazile & Miles Baker | Practice Session Spring 2022


The Perfect Run 

How training for rope horse futurities translates into success in any arena.

Team Roping Tips

Your Target & Position Has to Match Your Roping Style

Team Roping Tips

Fine Tuning Horsemanship: Allowing Your Horse to Read Your Energy

In this month’s issue, Bobby Mote talks on page 40 about how Miles Baker and I helped him with his body position going to the steer. I want to elaborate here.

Trevor Brazile

Team Roping Tips

How Much Should Your Young Head Horse Know BEFORE You Enter Him?

Trevor Brazile talks through the Relentless Remuda's rope-horse training benchmarks.

Adding Speed to Cow Horse Trevor Brazile TuckinAwayBuckles

Team Roping Tips

FINDING THE RUN: How to Add Speed to a Cow Horse

How the Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker get the most run possible out of cow-bred horses.

Team Roping Tips

Trevor Brazile’s Guide for Protecting Your Horse Investment

The rope horse market has exploded, and good horses are expensive. Here’s how you can protect your investment.

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