The 5 Best Stories From The Team Roping Journal in 2022

Some are new. Some are old. But these are the five stories team ropers loved in 2022.

These are the five best team roping stories of 2022, as determined by the most views from The Team Roping Journal’s readers.

5. The Ranch Horse that Became High Seller at Rancho Rio

Team ropers LOVE hearing about high sellers. It’s the drama. It’s the promise of the next guy ringing a bell at the next sale. And it’s a sign of a bull market in the roping industry.

4. Want a Gold Buckle? Get a Gigolo.

Maybe it was the headline 💁‍♀️. Maybe it’s Junior Nogueira. But more than likely it’s the adorable picture of Isabella Nogueira petting her lead steer Gigolo.

3. Are the Oldies Goodies? A Team Roping Perspective on Bloodlines

This story is four years old, but that doesn’t matter. As the rope horse breeding business explodes, this information is all that more important.

2. That Time Joe Beaver Skipped the NFR for That Other Roping in Town

What can we say—you were all pretty worried about where the heck Joe B. went. We were just glad he was at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping.

1. Clay Smith’s Horrifying Freak Accident

Man, that picture. You can almost feel Clay’s pain and see the horror on Jake Long’s face. The subject and headline were of guaranteed interest, BUT—that image.

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