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Ryan Motes’ Heeling Theory

Ryan Motes on "The Short Score."

Clay Tryan ERA team roping


Driven, Driven 2.0, Legend and The Perfect Spin FREE on All Thanksgiving Weekend is offering Driven, Driven 2.0, Legend and The Perfect Spin for free over Thanksgiving weekend.

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Where to Camp and Rope: Wickenburg

Kaleb Driggers Junior Nogueira

"The Score" Podcast

The Jake Barnes and Junior Nogueira Story

Jake Barnes talks about Junior Nogueira on "The Score."

"The Score" Podcast

The $2M Riata Buckle Recap

"The Score" with Riata Buckle founders Denny Gentry, Lance Robinson and Chad Beus...

Riata Buckle #10.5 All-Ages Ivy Hurst Clay Hurst

"The Score" Podcast

Hursts Get $62K Riata Buckle #10.5 All-Ages Win

Dru Stewart talks with Ivy and Clay Hurst on this episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by Smarty.

"The Score" Podcast

The Mechanics of the Sliding Stop

Miles Baker on "The Short Score" bonus tips episode...

WSTR Calcutta

Team Roping News

Ariat World Series of Team Roping Adds Kick-Off Party & Open Calcutta to 2022 Lineup

While little else will change for the 2022 Finale, the addition of a Kick-Off Party and Calcutta will continue to up-the-ante in Las Vegas.

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Never Miss A Jackpot: TRJ December 2022 Issue Event Ads

Don't want to miss a jackpot? Check out the team roping event ads from the December 2022 issue of The Team Roping Journal.

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The Big 3: WSTR, USTRC & NTR

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