The Latest Dakota Kirchenschlager


Top Team Ropers Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager Join in New Training Video Series

17-time AQHA World Champion Brad Lund and three-time NFR qualifier Dakota Kirchenschlager are helping more ropers reach their potential in their new series on

Dummy Roping Clay Smith


Full Ground Dummy Roping Session with Two-Time World Champion Header Clay Smith

Get a full dummy roping lesson from two-time World Champion Clay Smith in this instructional video brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition.

Royal Crown

"The Score" Podcast

Rock Springs Royalty: Rhen Richard and Cole Davison

Rhen Richard and Cole Davison talk about their wins at the Royal Crown Rope Horse Futurity on this episode of "The Short Score."

facing drills

Latest Videos

Facing Drills

Latest Videos

Expectations on the Haze

What does Cody Snow expect from Wesley Thorp in the haze?

left hand roping

Latest Videos

Using Your Left Hand in the Delivery

Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch demonstrate and explain how to use your left hand in delivery.


Slowing Down the Run

World Champion Matt Sherwood talks about how he approaches the corner on a horse that needs help through the turn.

hunter koch


Handling High-Pressure Situations with Hunter Koch

Hunter Koch explains how he tackles high-pressure situations heeling.

Bubba Buckaloo


A Header’s Final Practice Before a Big Roping with Bubba Buckaloo

Bubba Buckaloo addresses squatting in the box and facing in practice, as well as how often he likes to score.

Clay Smith

Latest Videos

Understanding the Bottom Strand with Clay Smith

In this instructional video, brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition, World Champion Header Clay Smith says that the bottom strand is the part of your rope that is responsible for your catches.

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