Barry Berg’s Reminder to Ropers (and Everyone Else) for Tough Times
In the toughest times, gratitude might just be what gets you out of a slump. And Cactus Ropes' Barry Berg is here to remind us to look for the positive.
Barry Berg
Cactus Ropes' Barry Berg | Photo Courtesy Cactus Ropes

This month’s issue goes to press as gas prices continue to skyrocket, on the heels of another mass shooting of fourth-grade school children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas, and the country—and the world—face uncertainty just as we try to shake the memories, losses and repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hay is high. Fuel is even higher. Cattle are dying in heat waves across the American West. There’s a lot that’s hard to like right about now.

Team Roping Journal August 2022
Team Roping Journal August 2022 | Photo by Jamie Arviso

I had dinner with Cactus Ropes’ Barry Berg, though, while we were both blessed enough to be in Reno for the Resistol Reno Open and the collection of great NTR and World Series of Team Roping events in Fallon. We had a great group gathered around a table, and if the conversation ever turned gloomy, Barry jumped in and reminded us that we’re only doing positive. 

That reminder—of gratitude, of positivity—can sure sound corny when things feel so tough, and I know I’ve written about it before, too. But through some of my own tough times, I’ve had some of my best friends remind me, too, that we can find something to be grateful about, and to look at the positive, in nearly any situation. 

Personally, I’m so grateful for the people of the Western industry, who rally together when the world at large feels impossible. I’m grateful for the team of advertisers who support the storytelling of the Western industry each month on these pages, because sharing these stories is the glue that holds communities together, and we certainly couldn’t do it without our industry partners who are more like family. And, of course, our staff—including two new teammates in Casey Allen and Jenna Link, who you’ll mostly see on the digital front—who are truly a dream team in this business. 

I’m grateful that the NTR, USTRC and Ariat World Series of Team Roping produce events within reasonable driving distance for most of the country, so you all don’t have to spend a fortune to be a part of this community on Saturdays and Sundays. 

And I’m thankful—as always—that so many of you turn to team roping, whether it’s in your home arena or at the jackpot down the road or if you’re one of the brave souls rodeoing for a living across the country. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day-to-day. 

Chelsea Shaffer

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