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How to Keep Your Horse Running Straight to the Steer

Tyler Merrill explains how to keep your horse running straight to the steer to give you the best shot possible. 

Ropers celebrate

"The Score" Podcast

Tracking Rope Horse Earnings Matters. Here’s Why.

Rope horse earnings matter, and The Score Podcast explains why the new partnership with Riata Buckle and QData has such implications.

Team Roping Tips

Practice Your Control on Slow Cattle with Ryan Motes

Using slow practice cattle for position and control.

Doescher steer wrestling

"The Score" Podcast

Doescher Says Cinch Timed Event Championship is “Life-Changing Money”

Cody Doescher's $107,000 CTEC check will change the Oklahoma-native's life.

Rope Horse Care

Equinety and Trevor Brazile Announce Long-Term Partnership

Equinety and Trevor Brazile announced a long-term partnership that will target the health of the rope horse industry.

Junior Nogueira celebration American Rodeo

Team Roping News

Nope, You’re Not Dreaming: Driggers and Nogueira are American Champs AGAIN.

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira are $100K-a-man richer after the 2023 American Rodeo.

Rancho Rio Horse Sale


How to Watch the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio

How do you watch the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona, March 11? Find the livestream here, as well as the sale catalog.

Rope Horses

Pedigrees of The American Rodeo 2023 Heel Horses

The American Rodeo features the best team roping horses in the sport in Arlington, Texas’s Globe Life Field.

American Rodeo Head Horses

Rope Horses

Pedigrees of The 2023 American Rodeo’s Head Horses

The 2023 American Rodeo will feature 10 of the best head horses in professional team roping in Arlington, Texas's Globe Life Field.

Big Time Movie Star Queen Heeling Miles Baker


Paint ‘Big Time Movie Star’ is Now All-Time Top-Earning Rope Horse Mare

Owned by the Relentless Remuda and Solo Select, breeders can now access ‘Queen’s’ embryos via Select Genes.

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