Gearing Up for a Busy Winter Ahead
What you can expect from the Spin To Win Rodeo team in the coming months.

When I woke up this morning, the wind chill here in Fort Lupton, Colo., was -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Ugh. I hear it’s chilly in Texas, too, and folks getting ready for the Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo in Odessa will likely be shivering as they back into the box for the last few practice runs, some trying to smooth things out with new partners.

Of course, the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo is kicking off here in Denver this weekend, despite the fact that organizers had to cancel the opening parade because of this dreadful weather (yay moisture?!) we’re having. You’ll be able to count on us for pretty regular updates from the ProRodeo once it gets underway next week, as me and the kiddo will be in and out as time allows throughout. Another shoutout to the folks at the NWSS for coming up with equal money in the team roping. Bravo! 

Looking past the next month, we’ll be bringing you coverage from across ProRodeo and professional team roping jackpots, including but not limited to Fort Worth, the Wildfire Open to the World, RFD-TV’s The American, San Antone, San Angelo, Rodeo Houston and The Strait. 

Not to mention, we’ll be doing a full blow-out of the Cinch Timed Event Championship, one of my favorite events of the year hands down. And something really, really special is happening at the Lazy E this year–the Junior Ironman Championships, held in conjunction with the CTEC. Ten kids–five invited by the Lazy E team and five who qualified through their National Little Britches Rodeo performances–competing in the mornings March 3 through 5 in heading, heeling, calf roping and steer wrestling. They’ll do battle over three rounds for $20,000 in added money. 

You’ve got to understand how important something like this is. The Lazy E has built its legacy on all-around competition like the Timed Event, and the team there is taking a step to insure that the next generation of cowboys is well rewarded for pursuing multiple events. Putting up $20,000 for kids under 18 to shoot for should set the stage for some tough competition, making sure that guys like Trevor Brazile, Daniel Green, Kyle Lockett and Paul David Tierney will be able to someday retire knowing that the future of the cowboy is in good hands. 

Oh, and not to bury the lede, but we’ll be giving away a VIP experience each week this month so you can watch the best youth and best top guns do battle in Guthrie March 3 through 5, with tickets to club seating and the Cowboy Cantina for each performance. Stay tuned to and to Spin To Win Rodeo on Facebook so you don’t miss anything. 

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