Q&A with CSI Elite Team’s Brandon Beers

Four-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo header Brandon Beers, who formally roped with Jim Ross Cooper, is now heading for Daniel Braman IV. Beers has been working in the Northwest, providing roping steers for the World Series of Team Roping while hitting a few rodeos. After having a shoulder injury, which kept Beers from rodeoing full-time, and having a baby along the way Beers has his sights set on heading back out on the road.

Kaitlin Gustave: What have you been up to lately?

Brandon Beers: I’ve been going and been rodeoing but for the last year I’ve just kind of been supplying a lot of cattle for the World Series (of Team Roping) ropings in the Northwest.

KG: That obviously keeps you busy. What goes into finding the right steers?

BB: It keeps a guy real busy if you want to do a good job. I get all of my steers from Mexico. Mainly Matt Sanchez helps me—I get them from him and then I bring them up here to the Northwest. I have about 200-plus head right now.

KG: Are you going to be rodeoing more this year?

BB: Yes–I’ve been roping with Daniel Braman (IV). I had my shoulder done, I guess it will be almost three years now. It took a full year, year and a half, before I felt decent enough, and now it’s awesome. When they told me six to eight months you’ll be good to go, I wasn’t even close. Then we had a little boy so staying home hasn’t really been that bad.

KG: Are you guys going to circuit rodeo more or go out on the road?

BB: This year and definitely next year I’m going to rodeo full-time again. I’m going to try and get my horses put back together and try and get everything sound. We’re going to rodeo pretty hard—try and make the Canadian Finals for sure and then next year I’m definitely going to rodeo. My steer business should be established enough to where I can have a couple guys working for me and taking care of things while I’m gone but right now it’s kind of one of those things where you have to be hands on.

KG: What horses do you have right now?

BB: Tevo is better—he’s back. I have another horse that came from Jake Stanley, he’s younger, that I’ve been riding. I call him Jake. He’s been really good and I think after this year he’ll probably be my number-one.

KG: What is something that keeps you motivated?

BB: For me, I love to compete. I think that’s what I miss most. I love to rope but I love competing. When I’m not rodeoing that’s what I miss. I don’t think you compare anything to it like a short round at Caldwell (Idaho) or backing in the box at Cheyenne (Frontier Days) and that’s the feeling that you miss. I don’t really like traveling and being away from my family, but I love that feeling and you want to be good at whatever you do. 

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