Roper’s Win-A-Day with Patrick Smith for Cam Dahozy
New Mexico's Cam Dahozy spent the day yesterday with Patrick Smith thanks to Roper Apparel

Picture this: You win a contest to rope with one of your heroes in his home arena, all expenses paid. You show up with your horse, and are met with cameras documenting your every move, PLUS then two more team roping icons show up and want to rope with you. How do YOU handle it?

I don’t know how you’d do, but I do know Cameron Dahozy handled it like a PRO. Dahozy and his sister Candace and brother-in-law Jared made the trek across West Texas (and through a tornado) to spend Monday, Oct. 23 with two-time world champion heeler Patrick Smith in his arena in Lipan, Texas, and Cam was put to the test in one day in north Texas. 

Dahozy, a 5-Elite heeler, is preparing for the World Series of Team Roping Finale in Las Vegas this December, and he spent the day with Smith sharpening up his position and his horsemanship, as well as his mental game, all while our cameras snapped pictures that we’ll use in an upcoming article with Smith. Plus, you can look for instructional videos with the pair popping up on our website in the coming months. 

Dahozy and his horse Nugget with Smith.

Patrick had great practice cattle ready, and WNFR-heelers Ryan Motes and Chase Tryan both joined us for the afternoon session. PLUS, Smith took Dahozy to Teskey’s to shop for some new Stetson and Roper apparel and to load up on Teskey’s swag. 

Huge thanks to the Dahozy family who came bearing some amazing gifts for Smith and the TRJ staff, and thank you to Patrick Smith, Ryan Motes, and Chase Tryan for making this truly a day to remember. Thanks to Roper Apparel for making it all possible!

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