Spin To Win Rodeo’s May Issue
What to look forward to in Spin To Win Rodeo's May issue.

The Champ–he’s been our editor-in-chief for most of our 20 years in existence, and he’s graced our cover more times than I can count on this Friday morning. And this May, he’s done it again, this time with Aaron Tsinigine, in honor of their $203,000 win at the 2017 George Strait Team Roping Classic.

Long-time contributing editor Julie Mankin talks to Spinigine and the Champ about their colossal win, and as many times as she’s talked to them over the years, she did an unbelievable job pulling interesting insights from these two soft-spoken industry titans. I think you’ll really enjoy finding out about one of the most fascinating bonds in all of rodeo that these long-time second partners share. 

But those two weren’t the only ones who won big last month. Jess Tierney joined his dad Paul and brother Paul David as one of the few men to have won the CINCH Timed Event Championship. I wish I were a better photographer–if I were, you’d be able to see the tears streaming down Jess’ face as he leaned off his horse to hug his wife as Bob Feist and Justin McKee declared him the $100,000 CTEC winner. 

Zac Small and Levi Lord’s win at RodeoHouston was another big payday in a month of team roping’s biggest payouts. Zac flew in and out from Tennessee so he didn’t miss class in vet school, and Levi counted on a horse that’s taken him from a 5 to a 9 since his teenage years. 

We don’t just cover the big wins, though–we let you know how you can win, too, whether it’s at the pick-one-draw-one on County Road 22 or if you’re backing in the box at the Cervi. Clay Smith, who dominated the Arizona jackpots, talks through five rounds at the Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic that helped him win big there. 

All that, plus tips from Jake and Clay to elevate your game, secrets from Martin Lucero on entering the ProRodeos and much, much more. Don’t miss it! 

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