Team Roping with a Passionate Twist
A sneak peek at the February 2022 issue's Dear Roper letter inside of the The Team Roping Journal Magazine.

Dear Roper,

I sat down to write this letter to describe our 2022 Breeder’s Guide as a passion project, but a few sentences in to my first draft, I realized I’ve likely overused that phrase on this page in the last few years.

The Breakaway Roping Journal? Passion project.

“The Score” podcast? Passion project. “The Breakdown” podcast? Yup, passion project.

The list goes on (and on and on…) Our team is so. dang. passionate. We’re passionate about team roping; we’re passionate about breeding great horses; about the Western way of life; about great video projects that bring the sport to life; about Arizona winters and Mountain-States summers; about fair rodeos and circuit rodeos and junior rodeos; about big country and bringing the big country to the big city.

We just can’t get enough. Our schedules are booked up for 2022, with trips to the Royal Crown Futurity in Buckeye this month, to the Cinch Timed Event Championships and the BFI and the NTR Finals and the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio and the WCRA in Corpus Christi, and to Decatur and Abilene and Stephenville and…

Full List of 2022 Cinch Timed Event Championships Contestants

Full List of 2022 Jr. Ironman Contestants

You get the point. We’re going places, just like this sport. And the breeding game is the next frontier—demonstrated across 70 pages of this record-setting issue. There are breeders—like the Pitzer Ranch—who’ve been with us for decades promoting their horses. And brand-new breeders—like the Relentless Remuda—who have jumped in with both feet in 2022, ready to push the envelope on the industry. We’re here for them and everyone in between, and we’re amped and ready to facilitate the journey to the best of our professional abilities.

Read: The Evolution of Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker’s Relentless Remuda

You’ll have to excuse me this month—I’m truly feeling like the cheerleader for our team to start off the new year!


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