The Bloodlines of the Top 25 Head Horses in the 2022 ARHFA World Championships Short Round
2022 ARHFA World Championships Pedigrees: 25 head horse bloodlines from the ARHFA World Championships' short round.
2022 ARHFA World Championships Pedigrees Kaleb Driggers

Canadian standout JT Risin Sensation, owned by Vaughn Warken, is leads the pack going into the 2022 American Rope Horse Futurity Association Short Round Oct. 21, and he does so with World Champion Kaleb Driggers aboard. But the 2022 ARHFA World Championships pedigrees reveal more trends in the head horse business.

The field of futurity horses who made the cut out of 211 entries at the ARHFA World Championships is diverse, stacked with storied bloodlines and lesser-known pedigrees, too. Here are some quick notes gathered from an overview of the papers of these 25 good ones.

  • Metallic Cat (Relentless Glory, ridden by Trevor Brazile, and Play Some Metallic, ridden by Dustin Rogers) and Show Me The Buckles (Tuckin Away Buckles, ridden by Brazile, and RR Buckles Clubhouse, ridden by Miles Baker) are the only two stallions to have two offspring in the heading short round in 2022.
  • Seven horses in this short round have run on the top side of their pedigrees: Chics Magic Corona (Furyofthewind) ridden by Rhen Richard; One Smart Pistola (BR Best Asset), ridden by Richard; A Magical Promise, (Promise Of The Sun) ridden by Clay Smith; Friday Night Fling (A Streak Of Fling), ridden by Cody Snow; BoomBoom Firecracker, (Firewaterontherocks) ridden by Smith; Summer Colada (Casino Heist), ridden by Kaden Richard; Red Corona Jack, (Corona Caliente) ridden by Grayln Elkins.
  • Summer Colada is really bred to run, with Casino Heist by Frenchmans Guy on the top and Dash Ta Fame on the bottom. BoomBoom Firecracker is too, out of the Taras First Love mare Taras First Note. Smith’s A Magical Promise also has plenty of speed on his bottom side stacked with Easy Jet blood.
  • Past champ Born In The Boondocs will return at fourth callback with Tate Kirchenschlager. Tuckin Away Buckles is also familiar to the short round here, as he was high back in 2021.

1. JT Risin Sensation, ridden by Kaleb Driggers

2. Chics Magic Corona, ridden by Rhen Richard

3. Tuf Spook, ridden by Clint Summers

4. Born In The Boondocs, ridden by Tate Kirchenschlager

5. One Vintage Merada, ridden by Andy Holcomb

6. Reys Of Pep, ridden by Colby Lovell

7. One Smart Pistola, ridden by Rhen Richard

8. CR Deeva, ridden by Tate Kirchenschlager

9. A Magical Promise, ridden by Clay Smith

10. Friday Night Fling, ridden by Cody Snow

11. WB Stormys Gin Spill, ridden by Jackie Crawford

12. DZ High Cals, ridden by Andy Holcomb

13. Tuckin Away Buckles, ridden by Trevor Brazile

14. RR Buckles Clubhouse, ridden by Miles Baker

15. BoomBoom Firecracker, ridden by Clay Smith

16. Summer Colada, ridden by Kaden Richard

17. Relentless Glory, ridden by Trevor Brazile

18. Chic O Dual, ridden by Cade Rice

19. EDP Pepto Crackerjax, ridden by Billie Jack Saebens

20. Notorious H I P, ridden by Kaleb Driggers

21. Play Some Metallic, ridden by Dustin Rogers

22. Smokin Sue Dude, ridden by Lane Ivy

23. Red Corona Jack, ridden by Grayln Elkins

24. Shock With Style, ridden by Nick Pullara

25. My Sparkin Freckles, ridden by Charly Crawford

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