Ariat World Series of Team Roping 2023 Season Changes
The 2023 season begins the weekend of Oct. 14, with one significant change to how ropers can enter the Ariat World Series of Team Roping qualifiers.
Ariat World Series of Team Roping Changes
Ariat World Series of Team Roping Changes for 2023

The Ariat World Series of Team Roping historically has been a pick roping with qualified teams moving on to the Finale together. Numerous ropers nation-wide have discussed and requested a draw-in option, and the WSTR and its producers have landed on the best solution to create a win-win: The successful argument presented to WSTR was that, since ropers qualify as individuals, and entry fees are based on each roper’s circumstance, if you win with a draw partner, you can push it to Vegas or split and pick up your regular partner. Being in the draw, either as a roper needing a partner or opting out of the draw because you don’t want to rope with someone you don’t know, is 100% voluntary.

Ariat World Series of Team Roping Changes: How the Draw Works

Because of the additional cost associated with adding a draw, going forward, ropers from the Open down to the #9.5 will have the option to draw in for an additional $40 draw-in fee on top of the roping’s standard entry fee. The standard format will still be an enter twice, but you will have the option to pick or draw or pick and opt out of the draw.

The Global Event Management software will be set with specific head/heel floors, set by division. A roper must be a minimum handicap in order to draw into each division. For example: The minimum handicap to draw in the Open is 7HD/8HL, #14.5 6HD/7HL, #13.5 5HD/6.5HL, #12.5 5HD/6HL, #11.5 4HD/5HL, #10.5 down there will be no floors. The program does its best to get the highest combined team number after the random draw. Maxed-out numbers are never a guarantee (if you want a guarantee, pick your partner), and the draw-in runs will first be partnered with ropers who are only in one time. Some ropers may end up getting a third run to help fill in the draw-in spots and may elect to not take the extra third entry. The roper who is drawn can elect to pay the entry fee or rope the run for free. If the entry fee is not paid, then that partner is only eligible for half of the winnings while the paid roper will win their full allotted amount. This is a standard practice that has been used for decades outside of the WSTR, and ropers are accustomed to the practice. As already mentioned, some ropers may not want to be “drawn,” and that’s ok too. At time of entry, let the office know so that system will take you out of the draw-in.

The #8.5 and #7 pick or draw WSTR qualifiers are grandfathered in without the additional draw-in fee. As for other Ariat World Series of Team Roping changes, going forward, the #7 qualifiers will now be enter three times.

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