Badlands Bit & Spur Rope Horse Futurity Targeting 4-Year-Olds with $20,000 Added Money
Organizers are waiving the $250 late fee for 2021, with the $1,000 entries closing August 27.

The Badlands Bits & Spurs Rope Horse Futurity, for 4-year-olds only, has $10,000 added PER SIDE in Rapid City, South Dakota, August 28, 2021 at the James Kjerstad Event Center.

Organizers are waving the $250 late fee for 2021, with the $1,000 entries closing August 27.

“The idea of a young horse is to train them right and bring them along slowly,” said World Champion Bobby Harris, who is organizing the Badlands Bits & Spurs Futurity alongside JD Gerard. “We thought by giving them their own venue, we’ll open up a market for owners and trainers and people will buy 2- and 3-year-olds specifically for the 4-year-old futurity. It’s something we need to do to grow the whole rope horse business.”

Right-click and download the entry form here.

Unlike other existing futurities, the Badlands Bits & Spurs Rope Horse Futurity will pay three go-rounds based on time, but time will not factor into the three-judge-panel’s scores. Judges scores will be used to determine the average payouts.

Right-click and download this credit card form if you’re entering with a card.

“Our focus is a well-trained young 4-year-old, and we believe that the four-steer average will show a lot,” Harris said. “We want the best horse to win, not the best roper. We’re using above average Corriente cattle from Coy Thompson, that we’ll carefully sort through at a jackpot on Friday before the roping. We don’t want to make this a deal where it’s hard—I want them to be able to show the horses.”

The event will also offer a derby for 5- and 6-year-olds, as well as a $250 limited sidepot for 6.5 headers and 7.5 heelers.

For more information, call Bobby Harris at 605-870-0228 or JD Gerard at 605-222-8949 or email TRJ

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