#BFFGoals: Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter Win $120k & World Titles at WRWC
As a result of their 6.56-second run in the Triple Crown Round at the Women's Rodeo World Championship, best friends Kylie McLean and Megan Gunter have won the World Championship titles and are now $120,000 richer.
Kylie Mclean, Megan Gunter WRWC champions

Best friends Kylie McLean and Megan Gunter won a combined $120,000 after they turned in the fastest time in the Triple Crown Round with a 6.65 to win the Women’s Rodeo World Championship on Wednesday night at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

“My biggest thing was to come here and prove ourselves that we can do it. And I mean, this is what I do every day. So super excited to ride a horse, you know, that you absolutely love. And it’s awesome to do it with one of my best friends. I mean, I love her, so it’s awesome,” McLean said. “This was our goal. We wanted to come here and do it. So we worked to it. She went home, she practiced, I practiced, we have our number one [horses].”

As a result of their 6.56-second run in the Triple Crown Round at the Women's Rodeo World Championship, best friends Kylie McLean and Megan Gunter have won the World Championship titles and are now $120,000 richer.
Photo by Bull Stock Media. Courtesy WRWC

McLean, who is originally from Alberta, Canada, and trains horses out of San Tan Valley, Arizona, rode Red Cloud, a horse she had bought four years ago from Kalley Furnish out of Amarillo, Texas.

“They headed on him a little and then I took him. I’m never selling him. I love him. He makes it easy. He scores good, runs up there hard, rates, gives Megan good handles. I mean, he really handles cattle good.”

Competitors in the professional division in the WRWC, McLean and Gunter went to the WRWC in Las Vegas and had no luck. They came back in 2022 more determined than ever.

“Last year, when we went to Vegas, we were both riding borrowed horses. Cause Red Cloud was sore and Megan’s was sore too. And so it was fun to come knowing that we’re riding our number one horses.”

Gunter, an insurance adjuster from McCammon, Idaho, heeled on her main mount, Crop, who has been in the family since he was 2 years old and is now 21. 

“My grandpa bought him as a 2-year-old and my dad, my uncle, everybody was wondering why on earth? He bought this stringy 2-year-old. My grandpa’s heeled on him for years. My dad’s good head horse died when I was in high school, and this horse had never been headed on and he’s like, ‘Well try this one.’ And it’s a fit. And my grandpa gave him to me. So he’s super special. So he’s probably about done, so it was really incredible to get a win on him.”

“It’s so cool. We’re so fortunate to be able to do something like this for women,” McLean said. “So we just feel real lucky to be a part of it. All that money they put up, this is life-changing.”

2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championship Results:

Triple Crown of Rodeo Round:

  1. Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter, 6.65 seconds, $60,000 each
  2. Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley, 7.96 seconds, $25,000 each
  3. Jackie Crawford & Annette Stahl, 14.44 seconds, $15,000 each

Showdown Round:

  1. Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter, 7.02 seconds
  2. Jackie Crawford & Annette Stahl, 7.18 seconds
  3. Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley, 8.89 seconds
  4. Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson, 11.55 seconds, $10,900 each
  5. Hope Thompson & Rylie Smith, 12.18 seconds, $8,400 each
  6. Kaitlyn Torres & Kate Mote, no time, $2,500 each
  7. Bev Robbins & Jessy Remsburg, no time, $2,500 each
  8. Katelyn Perkins & Shanna Perkins, no time, $2,500 each
  9. Bailey Bates & Elaina Damante, no time, $2,500 each
  10. Sydney Ball & Sally Ball, no time, $2,500 each
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