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Women’s Rodeo World Championship Week: Richest Women’s-Only Week of Western Sports Competition

Women’s Rodeo World Championship Week to pay out $1.145 million to more than 800 women’s rodeo athletes across six days of competition.

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2022 WRWC Gives Commissioner Sumpter Reason to Reflect

Commissioner Sumpter celebrates the 2022 WRWC wins and goes to work on improving the 2023 event.

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The Score: Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter Win $120k & World Titles at WRWC

"The Score" features Kylie McLean and Megan Gunter, the 2022 Women's Rodeo World Championship team roping champions.

Kylie Mclean, Megan Gunter WRWC champions

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#BFFGoals: Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter Win $120k & World Titles at WRWC

As a result of their 6.56-second run in the Triple Crown Round at the Women's Rodeo World Championship, best friends Kylie McLean and Megan Gunter have won the World Championship titles and are now $120,000 richer.

hope thompson rylie smith wrwc

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Rylie Smith & Hope Thompson Dominate The WRWC Challenger Division

Former Women's Rodeo World Championship winners Rylie Smith and Hope Thompson are back with a vengeance in 2022, looking to cash in on a massive WRWC payday.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the 2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championship

Who, what, when, where, and how to watch the Women's Rodeo World Championship.

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Tracey Nelson & Kaylee Billingsley Turn In Fastest Time in WRWC Challenger Round 1

Tracey Nelson and Kaylee Billingsley had the fastest run in the challenger team roping with a 9.52-second time, earning $2,500 and a spot in the semifinals.

Kenna Francis Whiteny Desalvo WRWC Round 1 WCRA Bull Stock Media

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Kenna Francis & Whitney DeSalvo Top Fort Worth’s WRWC Pro Qualifying Round

Kenna Francis and Whitney DeSalvo won the pro qualifying round of the Women's Rodeo World Championship by nearly a full second when they turned in a 5.86 second run.

World-renowned cowgirls Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo competing for $20K in the 2022 BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping.

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Thompson and DeSalvo Win $20K and the 2022 BFI All-Girl Team Roping

Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo repeated their 2020 BFI All-Girl win, giving credit to good horses and a great friendship.

WRWC Commissioner Linsay Sumpter competes in breakaway roping.

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Commissioner Sumpter: April 2022 at the WRWC

In this monthly letter from the Commissioner, Linsay Rosser-Sumpter lays the groundwork for what the WRWC can accomplish as she takes the wheel.

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