USTRC Cinch Ladies Race

Header Brandy Black Enters Cinch Ladies Top 5, Heeler Kyra Hendren Hooks No. 1
The Cinch Ladies ropers were getting their holiday cheer on, with Georgia headers Holly Childers and Brandy Black making Top 5 gains and New Mexico heelers Kyra Hendren taking the top spot while Ashtyn Pratz joined the Top 5 party.
Brandy Black became a Top 5 contender after a number of successful runs at the Northwest Georgia Classic and winning the #9.5 Legends with Dennis Moore. Courtesy Allens Roping Productions

Top 5 Recap—Heading

After entering into the Top 5 for the first time last month, Holly Childers, of Fairmount, Georgia, holds on to her No. 3 position with a total of 50 points now—just a single point behind No. 2 Aubrey Trujillo.

To continue her upward climb, Childers headed to the Northwest Georgia Classic, where she took third place in the #9.5 Legends, worth 8 points.

In the No. 4 spot, Gracie Drake also holds her position but is now closely trailed by newcomer Brandy Black, who hails from Adairsville, Georgia. Black rounds out the Top 5 now with 34 points after also attending the Northwest Georgia Classic and filling the first and second holes in the #9.5 Legends to earn 19 points. She won another 9 points for her second-place finish in the #9.5 USTRC and, then, she seized another 6 points when she finished fifth in the #8.5 USTRC. As a result, Black earned each one of her 34 Cinch Ladies standings points at this single event.

Top 5 Recap—Heeling

The heelers came alive in November with Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Kyra Hendren wrestling the No. 1 spot from longtime leader Audrey Snyder. Hendren hit up the Mesilla Valley Classic’s #7 USTRC roping and took second for a 9-point gain to give her a total of 26 points and the lead.

In the very same roping, Top 5 newcomer Ashtyn Pratz of La Mesa, New Mexico, nailed a first-place  finish for 10 points, which puts her in a three-way tie for No. 3 in the Cinch Ladies heeling standings. TRJ

Current USTRC or Key Card/Key Card Max membership is required to participate in the Cinch Ladies Program. Earned points begin counting at time of membership purchase thru the NFTR’s last shootout event. The season begins the Monday after the last USTRC Cinch NFTR event and ends the last day of the next USTRC Cinch NFTR event.

Ropers must enter at least one Shootout division in the USTRC NFTR to be eligible. The award will be announced at the end of the USTRC Cinch National Finals of Team Roping event.

The points breakdowns are as follows: Starting with At Home Challenge Events, ropers will earn 10 points if they win the Challenge. No other points will be awarded. At Signature Events, points will be awarded to those winning an aggregate check. It starts at First Place with 10 points, Second = 9 points, and so on as far down as the ropings are paid. During the Cinch NFTR, the placing points are simply doubled. First Place will be 20, second = 18, and so on.

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