Need a Roper to Root For in Tokyo? Brody Malone Leads USA Gymnastics Into Olympic Games
Brody Malone cut his teeth in the junior rodeo ranks before focusing on gymnastics and qualifying for his first Olympic Games in 2021.

Ready to root for a team roper at the Olympics kicking off this weekend in Tokyo, Japan? It’s truly the ultimate all-around championship—and gold medal—that gymnast Brody Malone has in his sights.

Malone, 21, has been roping since about kindergarten, which was just a couple of years after his mother Tracy and her friend Penny Johnson decided to enroll their boys in gymnastics. Brody and his little brothers Cooper and Tyler and sister Briley, now 13, learned to swing a rope from their dad, J.D. Malone, who grew up with Penny’s husband, JX2 producer John Johnson. For years, J.D. and Tracy also owned The Roping Pen, distributed around the Southeast.

Brody competed in roping jackpots and junior rodeos throughout Georgia growing up, as well as at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo, all while playing baseball and competing in gymnastics.