Buckle Up with Jay Adams
Jay Adams' Prescott Buckle

When Randon Adams graduated from high school, he set his little brother Jason (Jay) up with heeler Cody Hintz to finish out their careers in the junior ranks.

Credit: Courtesy Jay Adams

They’d go on to win two state championships, and while they were still in high school, they also bought their PRCA cards in 2003. 

“That was our rookie year, and that was the first PRCA buckle we won,” Adams remembers of his win at the Prescott (Ariz.) Pioneer Days. “It was a straight two-header, no short round. We came out of the right side of the box, and I remember everybody talks about how tough that setup is. But in high school I was a calf roper, so I was used to that and I was really confident. 

“It was over the Fourth of July, and everybody was reaching. I didn’t reach much, and just turned two good steers for Cody. And he catches two feet every time you turn a steer for him.” 

Adams still wears that buckle 11 years later because of the memories of roping with Hintz and the significance of the win to his career. 

“Cody and I are like brothers,” Adams said. “We don’t see each other much, but we’re so close, and I think this is the only buckle we won together in the pros. It’s the first PRCA buckle I won, and it’s a Prescott buckle. They’re gorgeous, and everybody wants one. It’s just the prettiest buckle I’ve ever won.”

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