Buckle Up with Ty Blasingame

Ty Blasingame's Spencer Miller Tribute Roping Buckle

Spencer Miller and Ty Blasingame became friends after Miller moved to Calhan, Colorado, near Blasingame’s childhood home of Ramah, Colo. They spent they’re young adulthood playing football and roping together. After Blasingame started rodeoing professionally, Miller went on to Colorado State University, where he earned his degree in finance. Despite diverging career paths, Miller was always there for Blasingame, meeting him with horses or whatever other help a roper just getting started would need.

In November of 2009, Miller was driving home after playing Prince Charming at a young girl’s birthday party when he died in a car accident.

The next year, the local community organized a memorial roping for Miller.

“Josh Fillmore went to the roping and won this buckle,” Blasingame said. “Since I was at the Tour Finale in Puyallup, Wash., he gave it to me to wear to my first National Finals, and I did. I have it on a mantle at my house and sometimes I wear it. He was the nicest kid ever. He was everybody’s friend. He was a huge, huge support for me rodeoing. He roped extremely and good, was a great athlete with a lot of talent.”

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