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Back When Team Ropers Were Treated Like Second-Class Cowboys 

Want to take a walk back down memory lane with a few of the living legends who lived it and fought for positive change for all team ropers? Let’s go!

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Heeling Tips Roping the Sled with Junior Nogueria

Junior Noguiera breaks down sled roping runs at the Smarty Young Pro camp.

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Maintaining Control in the Box

2015 World Champion Aaron Tsinigine talks about maintaining control in the box by keeping your horse calm.

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Addressing Box Issues with Miles Baker

Where do head box issues really come from, and how do the best in the world address them?

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Teaching Your Horse to Cheat

2021 INFR World Champion Heeler Aaron Tsinigine talks through teaching your horse to cheat.

Roping Practice Session

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Roping Practice Session with Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager

Watch Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager in this practice session.

Yates Tsinigine

Team Ropers

Surprise!! Yates and Hampton Rodeo Roots Run Deep in Team Roping, Too

Martin Lucero

Team Ropers

Talent Isn’t Everything: How Martin Lucero Outworked the Rest

Lucero, the 2010 NFR Average Champion, has earned over $1.6 million in PRCA earnings since 1991 and has qualified for 16 NFRs.

Cesar de la Cruz Heeling

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What is Backswing and Why Does It Matter?

Knowing how your ropes really work can elevate your game. Fast Back Ropes' GM Coy Upchurch and NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz explain.

Steer Steps Left


Keeping Control When a Steer Steps Left

Keeping your horse in his lane when a steer steps left is key to helping the run come together faster.

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