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Four-time World Champion Caleb Smidt joins eight-time NFR qualifier Justin Maass and horse trainer Logan Harkey (coming in July 2023!) on with an entire category dedicated to calf-roping instruction, from flanking and tying 101 to the finer points of teaching a futurity calf horse to work the rope. 

Most Watched Calf Roping Videos

1. Flanking and Tying 101

Justin Maass and his crew of students demonstrate what a great flanking and tying practice looks like at Maass’s home arena. Maass covers position for flanking and tying, calf control and techniques for tying big calves in any situation. 

2. Knot Roping

Reigning World Champ Caleb Smidt talks members through an entire knot-roping session on a green tie-down mare, focusing on her stop and her ability to work the rope. Smidt, from his home arena, talks through how he adjusts to varying speeds of practice cattle and how he adjusts his equipment to get the desired results. 

3. Calf Roping Bits

Maass talks through the most common bits and bridles he uses in both training calf roping horses and competing at the highest level. He also talks through bits for harder-mouthed horses and how he uses them to get a horse’s attention. 

4. Caleb Smidt’s Practice Runs

Smidt has a practice horse that’s lasted him throughout his career, a horse that’s held up to more runs than perhaps any other practice horse in the game. Watch how Smidt uses the horse to work on his own roping—roping that’s won four gold buckles. 

5. Smarty Drills for Calf Roping

The Smarty Sidekick is a stellar tool for practicing those neck shots, and Smidt uses his to stay sharp. Smidt explains where he likes to start roping the dummy from and why it sets him up for success.  

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