Cody Hogan: 2017 Heeling Resistol Rookie of the Year
Texas Circuit heeler Cody Hogan won the Heeling Resistol Rookie of the Year title in 2017.

Texas’ Cody Hogan ended the year by taking home the Team Roping Heeler Resistol Rookie of the Year tittle. As his rookie year came to a close, Hogan finished in the top 30 in the PRCA world standings at the number-24 spot after banking $43,792.61 throughout the year. He also qualified to rope in the Texas Circuit finals, sitting 11th with $12,941.71 won.

Kaitlin Gustave: What does winning rookie of the year mean to you?

Cody Hogan: It means a lot. I’ve worked hard all year long, and sort of taken everything very seriously, and then I got hurt and went home for two weeks. I had a choice decision to where, should I just stay home or should I go back—I chose to go back. So that was my main goal when I went back, was to make sure I won rookie of the year and get a chance to enter every big rodeo I can next year—and that’s what I did. I feel like that was just a big accomplishment because I had it on my mind and I did what I needed to do.

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KG: How was your year as a whole?

CH: It was very stressful I guess with horses being crippled and me trying to cut my fingers off—just trying to stay positive and keep everything going forward. It was also one of my best years too. It had it’s ups and downs but more ups I think.

KG: Which rodeo would you say was the highlight of your year?

CH: I’m going to say Logan, Utah (Cache County Fair And Rodeo). We ended up winning the rodeo. That was actually my first victory lap to take in the PRCA. It was just something that I’ll always remember was just running around that huge arena. Everybody was there—it was just awesome.

KG: Who did you rope with?

CH: I roped with Aaron Macy, Tyler Waters, and Lightning Aguilera—I had three partners

KG: What horses did you ride throughout the year?

CH: The horse I rode was Too Short. I’ve had him since he was 4 years old. I finished training him. He’s a great horse—I’ve never had any problems out of him. He’s always been sound and I can always rely on him and know exactly what he’s going to do and he knows what I’m going to do. It’s always good to have him.

KG: Who was in your support team for the year?

CH: Classic Ropes was a big part of it—making sure I had the best ropes that I can. My grandma and my family have been such a great support system to me, and I’ve just so blessed for The Man above for everything—He seems like He takes care of me more than anything.

KG: What are your future goals?

CH: Future goals is for 2018 I’ll plan to be at the NFR.

KG: Did you have any set goals in mind before the year started?

CH: Not really this year. With this being my first year I didn’t know what to expect. I kind of just went with it what I got out there. I struggled at the beginning but as I changed my game plan throughout the whole year because it was way different than what everybody said it was. I feel like with me going out there and seeing it for myself I think I’ll for sure be at the NFR in 2018.

KG: With this being your first year, do you feel more prepared for next year?

CH: Oh yes, ma’am—100-percent more prepared.

KG: Did you have any professional influences while on the road?

CH: Not really. Kinney Harrell helps me with most of it. I’ll just make a call to him and he would help me and tell me if it was kind of a good idea or a bad idea—so it was just pretty much him helping me do all that and my partner Aaron.

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