The Total Package: Colby Lovell and Reys of Pep Win RFA Heeling Derby
Whether it's timed or scored events, Colby Lovell and Reys of Pep proved they can hang tough with another win in the RFA Heeling Derby.
Colby Lovell and Reys of Pep heeling this steer at the 2023 RFA.
Colby Lovell and Reys of Pep got the Heeling Derby Win at the 2023 RFA. Image by Shelby Lynn photography.

Colby Lovell and Reys of Pep are back again, and this time the team added $5,500 to the stallion’s earnings in Abilene, Texas, with a win in the $5,000 added heeling derby at the Roping Futurities of America event.

Lovell and Reys of Pep, a 2017 stallion by Duel Rey and out of Peppys Stylish Lena by Docs Stylish Oak were unstoppable in their 2022 futurity season on both ends, and the stallion was recently purchased by NFR header Jake Cooper to add to his program. February 14 marked Lovell’s first day back in the saddle on Reys of Pep after two months apart, and the result was four smooth runs in 24.14 seconds and a $5,400 aggregate win.

(Reys of Pep) shows up every time I ride him. I think I’ve placed on him every time I’ve rode him—dang near–or won the show on both ends on him. There’s nothing I can say about him. That horse speaks for himself.”

Colby Lovell

The RFA runs a timed event, meaning that there are no judges to score runs like at many futurities. Lovell and Reys of Pep have won their fair share at scored competitions, like when they captured the 2022 ARHFA Heeling World Championship in record-breaking fashion, so it begs the question as to what it is about the horse that makes him stand out in both setups. For Lovell, it’s no surprise.


@toanotherlovell and Reys of Pep got the win in the @ropingfuturityofamerica $5,000 added Heeling Derby. Story to follow in bio. #TeamRoping #ColbyLovell #Roping #HeelShot #Cowboy #ReysOfPep @resistol1927

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Watch the 2022 ARHFA Archived Rounds Here

“It’s just the way he does it,” Lovell said. “His eye appeal is one thing, but when I bought him, it was because I thought he was good enough to be able to go win in the heading and to go rodeo and try to make the NFR. So, I bought him on looking to the future for a rodeo horse. Then, I got into the futurity stuff and staying home after, and his mind is great and he took to that.”

Lovell, like many RFA ropers had reigning world champion Kaleb Driggers helping out on the head side, and stayed smooth through every round of competition. Lovell also placed sixth in the aggregate aboard Paul Eaves’ Miz Bama and picked up a round placing to add another $3,000 to his earnings on the day.

“I’m fortunate any time I get to ride him—before or after selling him. He’s done so good for my family and I. He’s pretty special.”

Colby Lovell
reys of pep pedigree papers

2023 Roping Futurites of America $5,000 added Heeling Derby Results

First Round

  1. Zane Bruce and Smart Rey Moving, 5.94 seconds, worth $1,200
  2. Colby Lovell on Miz Bama, 6.18 seconds, worth $800

Second Round

  1. Steve Orth on The Spook Dun Time, 5.04 seconds, worth $1,200
  2. Billie Jack Saebens on FK Pepolena, 5.19 seconds, worth $800

Third Round

  1. Hayden Powell on RD Little Cattylac, 4.87 seconds, worth $1,200
  2. Derrick Jantzen on That Cats Royal, 5.11 seconds, worth $800

Fourth Round

  1. Billie Jack Saebens on Amarula Sun, 4.87 seconds, worth $1,200
  2. Paul Eaves on Reynaissance Man, 4.69 seconds, worth $800

Aggregate (On Four Head)

  1. Colby Lovell on Reys of Pep, 24.14 seconds, worth $5,400
  2. Billie Jack Saebens on DF AmericanStarlight, 24.86 seconds, worth $4,300
  3. Zane Bruce on Smart Rey Movie, 25.44 seconds, worth $3,900
  4. Kollin Von Ahn on Flash The Smart Cat, 28.14 seconds, worth $3,200
  5. Billie Jack Saebens on DF HollysFullOfSugar, 28.41 seconds, worth $2,600
  6. Colby Lovell on Miz Bama, 29.62 seconds, worth $2,200

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