Cowboy's Town: The Jackson WYO Qualifier

Falling between the big Reno (World Series of Team Roping) qualifier and the 4th-of-July holiday, Jackson Hole is the perfect summer stop for Ropers and ranchers.

After three rings, Boone Snidecor answers the phone. He asks, “You’re with who?” but he perks right up when it’s finally clear that it’s Spin To Win Rodeo calling about his win at the #9 Qualifier in Jackson, Wyo.

“Do you have time to visit about your win?” we ask.

“Sure. I’m just trailing some cattle right now. I’ve got some time.”

Credit: Kari deCastro

Chomping at the Bit
Jared Udy of Smithfield, Utah, was trying to recall which two years he had won the Worlds Series Finale. After going back and forth, he finally laughed, “I guess I just need to win it again in 2014, since I can’t remember anymore.”

WSTR Jackson, Wyo., qualifier #13 division winners Jared Udy and Paul Freed.

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