Long Gets 5th Danny Dietz Memorial Win, This One with Summers
The roping was HOT inside NRS Arena on Memorial Day weekend.
Clint Summers and Jake Long accept Danny Dietz roping awards
Summers and Long accept their awards with members of the Danny Dietz Foundation

Clint Summers and Jake Long topped the 2024 Danny Dietz Memorial Open roping in 33.03 seconds, earning a combined $21,560 for the aggregate title on May 25.

For Summers, the day marks his first Dietz championship, but Long celebrated No. 5 at the benefit event in memory of the late Navy SEAL, Danny Dietz.

What is the Danny Dietz Memorial? Learn more.

“It’s a good roping,” Long said. “ And it’s been nice to me. I won it three times in Rosenberg, twice (in Decatur) and missed a leg to win it. I think it’s just one of those places that treats me good. I think everybody’s kind of got that spot.” 

Highlighted by a  March victory at the Lone Star Shootout and Cinch USTRC National Championship of Team Roping Open win, Long’s jackpotting has been feast or famine in 2024. However, his secret weapons helped bring him back to the winner’s circle.

“I’ve got to give the credit to my wife and daughter,” Long said. “They saw me doing some things incorrectly, falling into old habits. I got back to working on that stuff, and that’s what turned it around.”

Summers echoed the importance of a strong support system.

“Once you have a support team like me and Jake have behind us on both sides—his family and mine—it’s a feeling like no other, honestly…they see it day in and day out, so at the end of the day, they know what’s going on.”

On the front side, Summers called upon 2023 PRCA Head Horse of the Year MR Joes Shadow Bar, “Joe,” while Long made a horse change from his roan gelding, “Roger,” to his bald-faced sorrel, “Scout,” after Roger pulled a shoe off in Round 1.

“It’s been fun, especailly in the past year. Jake and I have a really good run together, and we just work day in, day out on making it consistent…I’ve built a relationship with Jake. It’s like every steer I ride in the box on, it’s like we’re at the practice pen.” 

Clint Summers

The duo’s hitting their groove in 2024, and the timing North for the ProRodeo summer run. With only 10 and 12 PRCA rodeos on the books in 2024, respectively, Summers and Long plan to aggressively go at the next few months. Fans can expect TRJ to once again bring in-depth coverage of the ProRodeo drama as the race to the NFR, circuit finals, Resistol Rookie and Horse of the Year heat up.

If you missed watching the free stream live, thanks to Equinety, you can catch the action from the 2024 Danny Dietz Memorial Open on-demand at www.Roping.com.

“It’s beyond an honor to be here and support this. I’m grateful for all military and getting to talk to them, but the SEALS are the best of the best. Knowing what those men go through and what they’re capable of—it’s just an honor to get to meet them. We’re so thankful for everything they do.”

Jake Long

Danny Dietz Memorial 2024 Results


  1. Clint Summers and Jake long, 32.03 seconds on five, $21,560
  2. Tyler Tryan and Denton Dunning, 32.74, $15,400
  3. Tyler Wade and Tyler Worley, 33.09, $11,700
  4. Peyton Walters and Michael Fortenberry, 35.02, $8,620
  5. Cody Russell and Junior Nogueura, 36.12, $4,320

Short Round fast time

  1. Tyler Tryan and Denton Dunning, 5.86, $600
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