Driggers Hits $2 Million in Career Earnings with Gold-Buckle Win

Kaleb Driggers eclipsed $2 million in PRCA career earnings at the 2021 National Finals Rodeo.

Kaleb Driggers surpassed ProRodeo’s $2-million mark at the 2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, ending his season in that elite club, as well as a world champion.

“It’s a milestone that a guy would like to pass,” Driggers, 32, said. “I’d like to pass $3 million, honestly. Once you accomplish one thing, you want to hit the next million. It’s not something I monitored really close, but with the Finals paying so good you can get past it a lot quicker than the guys who rodeoed before 2015. A lot of the guys before me had to do it the hard way.”

Driggers winning The American in 2014. Courtesy RFD-TV

Driggers, of Hoboken, Georgia, has competed in the PRCA since 2008, making his first NFR in 2011 with long-time family friend Brad Culpepper. He was the overall and heading Resistol Rookie of the Year in 2009, and he’s roped with such greats as Jade Corkill, Patrick Smith, Travis Graves and Cory Petska along the way. However, he’s spent the bulk of his career since 2016 with current World Champion partner Junior Nogueira.

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Driggers in San Antonio in 2012. Cowboy Images

Not counted in those $2 million earned are Driggers three $100,000-a-piece RFD-TV’s The American titles, which all happened before that rodeo counted toward the PRCA’s world standings. TRJ

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