NOW Dustin Egusquiza is Team Roping’s Newest Millionaire.
Dustin Egusquiza
Dustin Egusquiza

Dustin Egusquiza took over Buddy Hawkins’ place as rodeo’s latest millionaire, crossing the $1-million mark in Round 6 with a $4,663.50 check for last hole in the round with an 8.9-second run.

Egusquiza, 27, of Marianna, Florida, joined the PRCA in 2016 and has since qualified for five Wrangler National Finals Rodeos. He spent his rookie year with veteran Brad Culpepper, and he won the Resistol Rookie of the Year award that year. In 2017 and 2018 he roped with Kory Koontz, making the Finals both years. He made them again in 2020 to 2022 with Travis Graves.

“I wish I knew where that $1 million went,” Egusquiza laughed. “This is a pretty cool milestone. I dreamed my whole life of roping professionally, and I think hitting this mark means I’m doing that.”

Egusquiza finished a career-high third in the PRCA world standings in 2021 with $227,403. As of Round 8 of the 2022 NFR, Egusquiza has $160,792 won and sits 10th in the average with a 34.60 seconds on five head.

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