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Final Hours on the 2023 ProRodeo Circuit Front
With less than 24 hours remaining on the 2023 ProRodeo season, we look at what remains in each circuit and which are finalized.
Tyler Wade turning a steer for Wesley Thorp in Stephenville, Texas, 2023.
Tyler Wade and Wesley Thorp won the Cowboy Capital of the World Rodeo in Stephenville, Texas, to push Wade deeper in the Texas Circuit standings. | William Kierce photo

Sept. 30, 2023, the final day of the ProRodeo season. Today, the Top 15 will be finalized, and so will the top 12 in each circuit. 

For some circuits, like the Montana, Mountain States and Badlands, their year ended over two weeks ago. And for a few, there’s still a few hours remaining to take the regular season lead or just lock in a spot at their respective circuit finals.

Here’s who is still up and running and who are written in stone.

Tick tock

California Circuit

The California Circuit’s season ends tonight in Bakersfield at the Kern County Fair & Rodeo. Circuit cowboys D.J. Parker and Dylan Dishion currently lead the rodeo with a 6.3-second run. Leading the regular season standings, however, is Preston Burgess with $19,161.78 on the head side, and on the heel side is 2016 Resistol Rookie of the Year Dalton Pearce with $15,530.71.


1Preston Burgess$19,161.78 1Dalton Pearce
2Dan Williams$18,822.662Cody Stewart
3Cutter Machado$16,617.593Mike George
4Lane Karney$16,272.864Todd Hampton
5Blake Hirdes$14,841.485Jason Johe
6Tanner James$14,523.776Wyatt Cox
7Mike Christensen$12,355.987Cody Cowden
8Spencer Mitchell$12,259.418Brushton Minton
9Marcus Battaglia$11,598.11 9Rhett Kennedy
10Corey Fitze$8,928.8310Joseph Shawnego
11Jaxson Tucker$7,863.53 11Wyatt Hansen
12Colton Campbell$7,775.94 12Jordan Ketscher

Turquoise Circuit

Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the place to be Sept. 30 for the Turquoise Circuit. The Southern NM State Fair & Rodeo has two separate rodeos this weekend, one wrapping up today, Sept. 30 with a matinee where Litle Calvin Taylor and Calvin Taylor lead the rodeo with a 6.2. The second rodeo starts and ends tonight.

In the standings, World Champions Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves lead the pack with $12,886.48 won on the year.


1Erich Rogers$12,886.48 1Paul Eaves$12,886.48 
2Chris Francis$12,699.132Cade Passig$12,699.13
3Derrick Begay$12,134.81 3Colter Todd$12,134.81
4Shain Sproul$8,774.06 4Junior Zambrano$10,920.89
5Tom Richards$8,270.945Tanner Luttrell$9,950.12
6Tanner Baldwin$8,139.446Seth Hall$8,555.10
7Tyler Waters$8,061.337TJ Brown$7,777.02 
8Choc Westcott$7,814.27 8B.J. Campbell$7,728.66
9Michael Calmelat$7,777.029Robert Murphy$7,309.90
10James Arviso$7,728.5610Tye Reddell$7,229.73
11Corey Whinnery$7,309.90 11Kolt Campbell$6,931.29
12Tanner Bryson$7,229.7312Jacob Auza$6,111.23

Texas Circuit

The Texas Circuit is awaiting the close of two rodeos to end their 2023 season. The Comal County Fair & Rodeo in New Braunfels and the American Hat’s Bowie Pro Rodeo both finish tonight, Sept. 30. Kolby Krieger and Zane Pratt currently lead New Braunfels with a 4.2-second run.

Cyle Denison continues to lead the regular season heading standings with $18,601.36 won on the year. Boogie Ray also holds onto his lead on the heel side with $25,310.47.


1Cyle Denison$18,601.361Boogie Ray$25,310.47 
2Coy Brittain$18,011.962Corey Hendrick$20,024.03
3Tanner Green$15,930.99 3Colton Brittain$18,782.29
4Korbin Rice$15,803.454Jake South$17,210.22
5Manny Egusquiza$15,383.81 5Caleb Green$17,002.23
6McCray Profili$15,315.276McCoy Profili$15,315.27 
7Chace Thompson$14,505.317Whit Kitchens$14,030.48
8Tyler Wade$13,679.62 8Chad Williams$13,974.68
9Casey Tew$13,085.899Jake Long$13,641.79
10Billy Bob Brown$12,740.34 10Logan Moore$12,748.91
11Payden Emmett$12,537.1511Kirby Blankenship$12,740.34 
12Slade Wood$11,977.31 12Evan Arnold$11,828.58

Southeastern Circuit

One rodeo remains in the Southeastern Circuit. The Flagler County Pro Rodeo in Bunnell, Florida, wraps up Sept. 30, and Jacob Dagenhart and Adam Plyler currently lead the field with a 5.1.

Despite being gone much of the year in search of his first NFR appearance, Marcus Theriot has the lead in the regular season standings with $12,900.64. Justin Yost leads the heel side with $15,427.92.


1Marcus Theriot$12,900.641Justin Yost$15,427.92
2Bart Brunson$12,587.712Reno Gonzales$13,804.94
3Bradley Massey$11,664.563Bryce Graves$13,029.71
4Clint Wallace$11,437.294Cole Curry$12,900.64
5Braxton Culpepper$11,392.535Brad Culpepper$11,392.53
6Justin Johnson$11,304.916Brady Barretine$10,500.04
7Koby Sanchez$10,642.267Derrick Crawford$10,356.59
8Will Clark$10,356.598Zack Mabry$10,302.76
9Cole Thomas$10,265.699Clay Green$10,083.56
10Travis Dorman$10,000.0010Morgan Jones$8,991.33
11Shane Overby$9,740.5511Tanner Brown$8,417.03
12Dillon Green$9,698.8912Chase Graves$7,708.57

First Frontier Circuit

The First Frontier Circuit awaits the start—and end—of the Cowtown Rodeo in Woodstown Pilesgrove, New Jersey, to close out their season. The rodeo starts and ends tonight, Sept. 30.

With $12,795.30 won on the year, Darren Morgan continues to lead the regular season standings on the head side. Over on the heel side Britt Bockius has taken control of the standings with $11,423.84.


1Darren Morgan$12,795.30 1Britt Bockius$11,423.84 
2Zane Kilgus$11,312.682Shane Jenkins$11,312.68
3Robbie Erck$8,922.193Scot Brown$8,666.94
4Waylon Cameron$8,362.444Fred Brunelle$7,418.19
5Chase Quinn$7,055.175Riley Quinn$7,055.17
6Eric Fabian$6,768.736Derek Carey$6,768.73
7Chuck Smith$6,165.687Kevin Brown$6,165.68
8Jose Mota$5,503.128Angel Mota$5,503.12
9Lance Hower$5,139.469Brock Hower$5,139.46
10Carmine Nastri$5,014.4410Frank Fernandez$4,941.75
11Kyle Letzelter$4,991.6311Kelton Brown$4,865.69
12Jacob Rounds$4,941.7512Cooper Nastri$4,626.69

Maple Leaf Circuit

The Edmonton Pro Rodeo in Alberta will mark the close of the 2023 Maple Leaf Circuit season. With an impressive $32,627.01 won on the year, the Graham brothers Dawson and Dillon lead the regular season standings.


1Dawson Graham$32,627.01 1Dillon Graham$32,627.01 
2Logan Bonnett$23,825.982Keely Bonnett$28,695.33
3Tee McLeod$22,600.653Tyce McLeod$26,340.20
4Tate Schmidt$21,149.294Logan Spady$22,540.60
5Roland McFadden$20,339.055Jeremy Buhler$21,573.78
6Clay Ullery$20,053.776Kagen Schmidt$21,149.29
7Grady Quam$19,484.417Tyrel Flewelling$20,339.05
8Levi Simpson$17,191.068Denim Ross$18,718.16 
9Brett Buss$16,267.05 9Logan Cullen$18,383.70
10Tuftin McLeod$12,284.39 10Kasper Roy$17,174.87
11Kash Bonnett$11,758.4611Brett McCarroll$10,875.63
12Braden Koch$8,313.03 12Riley Warren$6,191.82 

Wilderness Circuit

Mona, Utah, is the final stop of the 2023 Wilderness Circuit season for the Young Living’s Last Chance Rodeo. Hagen Peterson and Caleb Hendrix have the lead with a 4.4.

Reigning World Champs Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira control the regular season standings with $49,599.33 won on the year.


1Kaleb Driggers$49,599.331Junior Nogueira$49,599.33
2Hagen Peterson$23,968.362Caleb Hendrix$21,102.25
3Brodi Jones$16,784.70 3Cole Wilson$18,620.09 
4Pace Freed$16,449.164Dylin Ahlstrom$16,502.00 
5Cole Eiguren$13,946.175Jared Fillmore$15,817.13 
6Travis Whitlow$13,094.046Tyler Eiguren$13,665.56
7Rhen Richard$12,958.537Max Kuttler$13,436.02
8Brian Winn$11,681.628Matt Liston$11,681.62
9Quinn Kesler$9,439.32 9Tyler Whitlow$11,283.36 
10Rhett Anderson$9,400.3610Zackery Lewis$11,117.74
11Chaz Kananen$8,662.26 11Wyatt Thomas$9,811.09 
12Cory Kidd$6,989.5712Jake Freeland$8,934.52 


Badlands Circuit

The Badlands Circuit officially wrapped up Sept. 3 with the Dazey Sodbusters Stampede

in Dazey, North Dakota. Bodie Mattson and Cash Hetzel finished the regular season at the top with $14,068.76 on the head side for Mattson and $15,006.41 for Hetzel on the heel side. 

Circuit Finals date and location:  Minot, North Dakota, Oct. 13–15, 2023


1Bodie Mattson$14,068.761Cash Hetzel$15,006.41
2Braden Pirrung$12,705.082Jade Nelson$12,705.08
3Brent McInerney$11,857.873Riley Curuchet$11,830.38
4Guy Howell$11,830.384Tanner McInerney$10,920.22
5Cooper White$10,865.495Tucker White$10,865.49
6Clay Holz$10,615.786Matt Zancanella$10,615.78
7Jade Schmidt$9,244.567Taylor Brower$8,422.58
8Jr. Dees$8,363.108Ross Ashford$8,363.10
9Tucker Dale$8,136.609Conner Herren$8,297.04
10Jon Peterson$8,079.6610Trae Smith$8,079.66
11Reece Weber$8,006.2011Jace Engesser$7,780.93
12Clay Bauer$7,840.7312Matt Kasner$6,966.56

Mountain States Circuit

The Evanston Cowboy Days in Evanston, Wyoming, Sept. 2-4 was the last true Mountain States rodeo, BUT the Gem State Classic Pro Rodeo in Blackfoot, Idaho, Sept. 4-6 was co-approved for the Mountain States Circuit, meaning it was the last opportunity for money. 

With $22,862.34 on the year, Jay Tittel finished the regular season at the top of the heading standings, and T.J. Watts finished at the top on the heel side with the same amount.

Circuit Finals date and location: Loveland, Colorado, Oct. 20–21, 2023


1Jay Tittel$22,862.341T.J. Watts$22,862.34
2Clayton Van Aken$21,913.282Cullen Teller$21,913.28
3Eric Martin$21,652.41 3Ryon Tittel$21,652.41 
4Kellan Johnson$19,797.604Carson Johnson$18,397.89
5Pedro Egurrola$17,090.145Edgar Villegas$13,213.44 
6Austin Crist$15,004.686Trey Yates$12,536.79
7Edgar Aguilar$13,213.447JC Flake$10,965.95
8Chad Masters$12,536.798Dusty Taylor$10,306.96
9Jase Staudt$11,419.149Jesse Jolly$10,184.82
10Zane Murphy$10,306.9610J.W. Borrego$8,393.61
11Garrett Tonozzi$10,261.3111Josh Fillmore$8,150.52
12Brayden Fillmore$8,150.5212Clancey Kreutzer$7,922.06

Montana Circuit

The Meagher County Labor Day Rodeo in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, Sept. 3-4 was the last true Montana Circuit rodeo, but the Palouse Empire Rodeo in Colfax, Washington, Sept. 7-8 and the Spokane Interstate Rodeo in Washington Sept. 8-9 were the final co-approved rodeos, marking the end of the season.

Brady Tryan held on to his lead and is heading into the circuit finals at the top of the standings with $27,205.74. On the heel side, Ike Folsom finished the regular season in the top spot with $24,842.06.

Circuit Finals date and location: Great Falls, Montana, Jan. 11–13, 2024


1Brady Tryan$27,205.741Ike Folsom$24,842.06
2Dustin Bird$23,686.222Zachary Schweigert$17,138.67
3Shawn Bird$16,860.663Ryan Zurcher$13,778.18
4Delon Parker$13,778.184Coley Nicholls$11,838.55
5Cameron Irwin$12,698.655Mason Trollinger$11,827.01
6Gunner Plenty$11,827.016Jared Bilby$11,328.40
7Wheaton Williams$11,787.387Justin Viles$10,845.88
8Radley Day$11,328.408Sam Levine$9,965.22 
9Ian Austiguy$7,252.589Chase Tryan$9,367.20 
10Cash Duty$6,175.2010Bryan Lemmon$9,198.38
11Jason Carlson$5,438.58 11Sid Sporer$7,288.87
12Sid Sorge$5,132.17 12Colten Fisher$5,612.28

Columbia River Circuit

The 2023 Columbia River Circuit season ended with a bang at the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon Sept. 13-16 and the Othello PRCA Rodeo in Washington Sept. 15-16. Garrett Rogers will enter the circuit finals No. 1 with $20,973.01 on the head side, and Tyler Worley will enter No. 1 on the heel side with $25,792.53.

Circuit Finals date and location: Redmond, Oregon, Oct. 19–21, 2023


1Garrett Rogers$20,973.01 1Tyler Worley$25,792.53 
2Riley Minor$17,585.292Ryan Motes$22,877.16
3Jeff Flenniken$13,444.45 3Jake Minor$22,379.51
4Clayton Hansen$13,154.764Jason Duby$17,959.27 
5Jordan Tye$12,476.52 5Brady Minor$17,585.29
6Jack Fischer$12,360.426Jason Minor$13,198.00 
7Brenten Hall$11,743.007Chase Hansen$13,154.76
8Kolton Schmidt$10,572.938Andy Carlson$12,303.56 
9Jack Graham$9,312.869Paden Bray$11,743.00
10Hayes Smith$8,693.52 10Taylor Duby$10,953.92
11Charlie White$7,635.0311Justin Davis$10,528.88
12Jake Raley$7,513.9512Joey Bergevin$7,492.32

Great Lakes Circuit

The 2023 season came to a close last weekend, Sept. 22-23, for the Great Lakes Circuit roughstock guys with the Madison Pro Rodeo in Indiana. But for the team ropers, the season ended the weekend of Sept. 15-16 with three co-approved rodeos in the Southeastern Circuit: Garland County Fair and Rodeo in Hot Springs, Arkansas, White County Fair Rodeo in Searcy, Arkansas and Crowley’s Ridge Saddle Club Charity Rodeo in Forrest City, Arkansas.

When it was all said and done, Dalton Turner finished the regular season in the top spot with $20,651.95 on the head side and Clay Clayman finished on top on the heel side with $20,651.95.

Circuit Finals date and location: Louisville, Kentucky, Nov. 9–11, 2023


1Dalton Turner$20,651.951Clay Clayman$20,651.95
2Lane Goebel$20,632.212Gus Mosley$20,016.78
3Adam Rose$20,594.833Ranger Hill$18,929.15
4Ryan Von Ahn$18,929.154Wyatt Kanan$18,864.88
5Cooper Bruce$18,864.885J.W. Beck$17,103.68
6Joe Beaver$16,383.416Levi Pettigrew$16,383.41
7Cole Smith$13,649.367Cole Stevens$15,095.99
8Cody Reed$11,039.488Reed Boos$14,467.16
9Dylan Breitsprecher$10,943.399Iceman Miller$13,298.32
10Cory Petska$9,233.5310Jace McDaniel$11,461.43
11Trent Vaught$8,072.9011Butch Levell$11,159.19 
12Tyler Jackson$8,027.7812Blaine Turner$9,883.79

Prairie Circuit

The Omaha River City Rodeo in Nebraska, Sept. 22-23 marked the end of the season in the Prairie Circuit. The NFR team of Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins reigned supreme, heading into the circuit finals both with $20,203.10.

Circuit Finals date and location: Duncan, Oklahoma, Oct. 12–14, 2023


1Andrew Ward$20,203.101Buddy Hawkins$20,203.10
2Curry Kirchner$18,089.262Tanner Braden$17,473.52
3Paul David Tierney$17,473.523Billie Jack Saebens$16,809.45
4Jake Clay$14,015.154Gralyn Elkins$14,163.09
5Brye Crites$13,760.365Kollin VonAhn$14,015.15
6Tyler Hobert$13,609.666Rance Doyal$13,760.36
7Justin Pruitt$12,471.917Shannon Frascht$13,609.66
8Coleman Proctor$11,412.078Logan Medlin$11,412.07
9Cam Hoelting$10,656.229Dawson McMaster$10,656.22
10Rowdy Jones$10,099.0710Gage Williams$10,099.07
11J.C. Yeahquo$10,075.5411L.J. Yeahquo$10,075.54
12Peyton Holliday$9,407.6512Gavin Foster$10,035.86
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