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Tyler Wade and Wesley Thorp Blast Back Into World Title Contention with World-Record-Tying Run
Tyler Wade and Wesley Thorp tied the team roping world record with a 3.3-second run in Round 8 of the 2023 NFR, worth $30,706 a man.

Tyler Wade called his shot—he knew he and Wesley Thorp pulled the money steer at first out in Round 8 after a string of less-than ideal draws—and he didn’t waste it. 

Wade and Thorp tied the team roping world record with a 3.3-second run in Round 8 of the 2023 NFR, worth $30,706 a man, putting them second and first in the world, with $226,833.77 and $244,061.04 won, respectively. They’re fourth in the average with a time of 50.00 on seven head.

That gives them a chance to let their hair down with two rounds remaining, going all-out to give themselves a chance at the day money and at the 2023 PRCA world title. 

Wesley Thorp 3.3 second team roping world record
Wesley Thorp throwing a heel loop that closed the deal in 3.3 seconds. | Photo by Jamie Arviso

“I’ve never considered myself to be the fastest header or a world champion, so I’m just glad to be in this spot,” Wade said. “Ironically, I’m not nervous at all. It’s going to fall how it falls, so just to be in the race, it’s cool. Really, I say that, and maybe when I nod it might be different, but I’m just going to rope the cow and see how it happens.”

If the rodeo ended after Round 8 and aggregate money were calculated in, the team would drop to second in the world standings with $263,978.62 and $281,205.89, behind aggregate leaders Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins, who each have $283,745.16 on the year.

NFR 2023 Round 8 Team Roping Standings

Team SteerRound 8 Time Round 8 Placing
Tyler Wade / Wesley Thorp343.3$30,706 
Luke Brown / Hunter Koch354.8$7,924 
Jake Clay / Tyler Worley27NT
Marcus Theriot / Cole Curry2NT
Clay Smith / Paden Bray203.6$24,268 
Clint Summers / Jake Long224.4 + 5
Andrew Ward / Buddy Hawkins293.8$18,325 
Tanner Tomlinson / Patrick Smith12NT
Erich Rogers / Paul Eaves104.4$12,877 
Rhen Richard / Jeremy Buhler30NT
Coleman Proctor / Logan Medlin21NT
Dustin Egusquiza / Levi Lord26NT
Nelson Wyatt / Jonathan Torres14.0+5$4,953 
Derrick Begay / Colter Todd913.3
Kaleb Driggers / Junior Nogueira 6NT

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