You’re on your way to your 2nd NFR, how does that feel?

It's really good. We're farther up in the standings this year. We’re doing a lot better now. Last year, being on the bubble sucked.

What horses have you been riding throughout the year?

I’ve got my buckskin mare named Annie and my bay gelding, Burt. They’ll both go to the Finals.

What do you think helps you stay consistent from rodeo to rodeo?

Just to take your best shot. I try to jackpot at the rodeo and just try to take an aggressive shot—a quality shot. Something that I feel comfortable with. Try not to get out of my comfort zone. Wesley adapts to whatever kind of handle that I give him pretty good every time so that helps a lot.

Who have you roped with as second partners throughout the year?

Billie Jack Saebens, Paul Eaves, and Junior Nogueira

You’re still young, what can you tell kids that have dreams/aspirations of qualifying for the Finals?

Don’t cut corners. Make sure you work on every step that way when you get there you’re prepared. Don’t try to jump into it too early to where you don't have everything perfect. Stay positive, because it is hard. That’s the biggest part is staying positive or motivated in yourself.