Full List of 2020 Jr Ironman and Cinch Timed Event Championship Contenders

Here are the cowboys who will be competing in this year's Jr Ironman and Cinch Timed Event Championship at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma March 13 through 15, 2020.

Jr. Ironman

Denton Good

Rylen Sutherland

Dalton Hartle

Cooper Slavin

Kolton Powell

Tyler West

Trevor Meier

Tee McCloud

Sam Morgan

Quade Hiatt

Timed Event

Clayton Van Aken (in replacement of Justin Thigpen)

KC Jones

Erich Rogers

Shank Edwards

Clay Smith

Paul David Tierney

Jess Tierney

Lane Karney

Marcus Theriot

Cody Doescher

Clayton Hass

Thomas Smith (in replacement of Daniel Green)

Kyle Lockett

Roger Nonella (in replacement of JoJo Lemond)

Jordan Ketscher

Jace Melvin (in replacement of Cody Cabral)

Trell Etbauer

Haven Meged 

Taylor Santos

Seth Hall (in replacement of Spencer Mitchell)

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