Go-to-Girl: Kyla Stamps
Stamps’ first year as a card-carrying USTRC member finds her at the top of the ladies’ leader board, as well as in a 50-point tie for third in the Junior NFR #10.

Only the Best

The best part about roping for me is that I get to do it with my family. That we always do it together is something I enjoy. My whole family ropes and rides. My mom runs barrels and, Kinsey, my little sister does, also—she’s 9. She just started roping not that long ago, so I enjoy going out there and practicing with her and watching her get better.

Good Beginnings

I started roping when I was about 11, so three years ago. That’s when I started riding my horse, Fritos. I think he’s 13. My dad trained him for me. He has a really large personality and he takes really good care of me. I can always count on him to do whatever it is I need to do on him.


When I go in the box, I try to block any distractions out. I just focus on the steer and know what I need to do and what I need to do to win. I mostly just try to tune everything out and really focus.

Winning Big and Bigger

Winning the #11 at the Big Break in Stephenville was probably my favorite win this year, but winning the #9 at the South Texas Championship was really important, too, because my partner has been a friend of mine for a really long time and we never could quite make it quick until then.

Aiming High and Higher

I have two goals this year. I’d like to qualify for the Junior NFR, and try to win the Cinch Ladies Championship at the end of the year.

Help From my Friends

I’m really thankful for the support from Corriente Saddle Company, Republic Ropes, Double X Equine, and Team Equine. 

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