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Gunslingers: The Top 60 Teams Coming Back to the Lone Star Shootout Open Finals Today
"This is just getting so fast it's rude." -Jake Long
Patrick Smith heeling Lone Star Shootout
Patrick Smith is coming back on multiple runs to Friday's short round at the Lone Star Shootout. TRJ photo.

On Mar. 21, 284 teams battled it over two rounds in five separate rotations in hopes of earning one of 60 team positions to come back to the Lone Star Shootout 2024 2D Rope Horses Open Finals at 6 p.m CST, and these are the duos who are locked in, along with rotation-by-rotation results

The Lone Star Shootout Open format

In each of the five rotations of roughly 60 teams, the top 10 overall times qualified back on two head to Friday’s three rounds of competition, along with two teams in the #18.5 incentive in each section. Each rotation also paid two overall fast times for $1,500 and $1,000 each. The rounds were progressive after Round 1. Ropers had the opportunity to enter up to four times each.


Well, @Kaleb Driggers Official left his beard at home this year, but another World Champion, @Jade Corkill showed up FULLY sporting the beard this morning at the Lone Star Shootout. Driggers is running through them, currently making it back to the third round with three partners as we’re working through the second rotation live on Link in bio to keep up with it all week long in Abilene. #HeelShot #TeamRoping #KalebDriggers #JadeCorkill

♬ cant stop x in da club – thatsthewrongnote


Rotation 1

Overall Fast Times: Kaleb Driggers/Nicky Northcott, 5.05 $1,500; Ty Arnold/Patrick Smith, 5.18, $1,000

1Cory KiddDouglas Rich10.83
2Kaleb DriggersNicky Northcott10.86
3Kalen DriggersJade Corkill11.41
4Kellan JohnsonCade Passig11.44
5Tyler TryanLogan Moore11.60
6Lightning AguileraPatrick Smith11.87
7Tyler WatersJunior Nogueira11.98
8Jake Cooper ClayRance Doyal12.22
9Payden EmmettJett Hillman15.58
10Kolby KriegerTyler McKnight15.71
11Denton ParishJace Helton18.15
12Lane GoebelChad Mathes18.71

Rotation 2

Overall Fast Times: Coleman Proctor/Landon Glenn, 4.26; Dustin Eguzquiza/Jake Long, 5.00

1Jake SmithJessen James11.28
2Kaleb DriggersWesley Thorp11.39
3Marcus TheriotPatrick Smith11.50
4Jaxson TuckerLevi Lord11.56
5Jhett TrenaryScott Lauaki11.72
6Dustin EgusquizaJake Long11.80
7Bubba BuckalooJade Corkill11.90
8Shane PhillipBrady Norman12.10
9Dustin MorganJessen James12.23
10Wyatt BrayPaden Bray12.27
11Cash PalmoreClay Green12.56
12Jace BlandWeston Podzemny13.83

Barrier ✔️ pushed. Horns ✔️ slick. Heels ✔️ scooped. Fast time ✔️ 3.95. @Nelson Wyatt and @Jonathan Torres did that today at the Lone Star Shootout to win the $1,500 fast time bonus in Rotation 3 and punch their ticket to tomorrow’s open team roping finals. It’s getting HOT in Abilene, so it’s time to tune into if you havent alrsady to watch it live. #TeamRoping #HeelShot #RopingTok

♬ original sound – Solo Select

Rotation 3

Overall Fast Times: Nelson Wyatt/Jonathon Torres, 3.94; Riley Kittle/Kaden Profili, 4.32

1Ketch KeltonDakota Kirchenschlager9.81
2Coy RahlmannLandon Glenn9.85
3/4Tyler TryanJake Long10.09
3/4Tanner TomlinsonCody Hogan10.09
5Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira10.31
6Nelson WyattJonathon Torres10.32
7Andrew WardKollin VonAhn10.55
8/9Hagen PetersonScott Lauaki 10.81
8/9Brye CritesColeby Payne10.81
10Jake OrmanCorey Hendrick10.92
11Jhett TrenaryJake South11.83
12Mason RustLane Siggins12.08

Rotation 4

Overall Fast Times: Dawson Graham/Dakota Kirchenschlager, 4.21; (tie) JC Yeahquo/Logan Moore, Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, 4.54

1Clay SmithJunior Nogueira10.11
2Mason AppletonBillie Jack Saebens10.28
3Erich RogersCory Petska10.57
4Brye CritesTyler Worley10.64
5Shane PhillipJoseph Harrison11.49
6/7Billy Bob BrownCorey Hendrick11.89
6/7Brenten HallWill Woodfin11.89
8Cole EigurenDylin Ahlstrom12.01
9JC YeahquoLogan Moore14.08
10Mason RustRyan Mayfield14.38
11Jon PetersonJC Flake19.85
12Denton ParishLane Siggins20.55

Rotation 5


Less than 24 hours after he was by his wife, Jesse’s side for the birth of their second child together, TWade was working on making that diaper money at the Lone Star Shootout in Abilene, Texas. Yup, @Tyler Wade showed out heading all day long, then clinched his final position back to tomorrow’s Open Finals with @PaulEaves as the day closed out in Rotation 5 and reminded fans why he’s wearing that 2023 World Champion buckle. #LoneStarShootout #Cowboy #TeamRoping

♬ original sound – Mike Demero

Overall Fast Times: Cody Snow/Lil Michael Calmelat, 4.13; Jaxson Tucker, Caleb Anderson, 4.2

*denotes 2023 event champions

1Tyler WadePaul Eaves9.68
2Cody SnowLil Michael Calmelat9.97
3Bubba BuckalooTanner Braden10.26
4Brye CritesCade Passig10.80
5Colby LovellDakota Kirchenschlager10.86
6Billy Bob BrownBlaine Vick10.94
7Dalton Turner*Daniel Braman*11.05
8Clay SmithNicky Northcott11.06
9Jake Cooper ClayLogan Moore11.44
10Erich RogersDenton Dunning11.49
11Jet TobererHayden Powell12.36
12Cole EigurenTyler Worley12.48

Watch the shootout action live on at 6 p.m. CST on Mar. 22 here.

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