Ivy in NFR Hunt
Ivy jumps into the top 15 in the PRCA world standings with $42,777.60 won.

Lane Ivy and Buddy Hawkins II teamed up for the year and proved that they have what it takes on the road staying consistent every weekend picking up checks at places like the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park (Colo.), Steamboat Springs (Colo.) Pro Rodeo Series and the Prineville (Ore.) Crooked River Roundup. Ivy is currently sitting in the number 15 spit of the PRCA world standings with $42,777.60 won as of Aug. 2. 

Kaitlin Gustave: Compared to this time last year, how are you in PRCA world standings?

Lane Ivy: I think I was barely in the top 40 last year, so 25 spots ahead of that–way better.

KG: How did your partnership with Buddy Hawkins II come about?

LI: I got cut in the fall by B.J. Dugger. I needed to go to a couple circuit rodeos to make it to the circuit finals, so I called Buddy and we did some good together. Then we jackpotted during the US Finals. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to rodeo and neither was I. We both just decided we were going to do it and it turned out pretty good—it’s been going good.

Kaitlin Gustave Photo

KG: You’ve been placing just about every weekend. How do you manage to stay so consistent from each rodeo with different starts and steers?

LI: Both me and Buddy game-planned this summer when we left, just to rope the steer that we had, no matter if it was for money or not. Just to do our job and if we did our job we knew we’d be able to win something—hopefully. We’ve been drawing good and we both have good horses right now, so that helps a bunch.

KG: What horses do you have on the road?

LI: I have a bay horse named Cuervo, he’s 14 years old, that came from Chad Masters that’s pretty good. I have a sorrel named Rewind that came from Dustin Davis that’s 13 years old. Then I have a 12-year-old named Superman that came from Thomas Brahman.

KG: Where are you headed to next?

LI: We go to Dodge City (Kan.) Roundup Rodeo and Kansas’ Biggest Rodeo in Phillpsburg (Kan.) next week, and the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping in Hereford, Texas.

KG: What rodeo are you looking forward to most?

LI: I like the Northwest, so Ellensburg (Wash.) Rodeo and Pendleton (Ore.) Round-up.

KG: Which rodeo would be the biggest win for you and your career?

LI: Pendleton (Ore.) Round-up for sure. I don’t know about money wise, it probably is money wise, the biggest rodeo left of the year. That rodeo is so cool, I’d love to win that rodeo one year.

KG: Are you thinking forward to the NFR?

LI: If I make the NFR and continue to do my job—yes. I am looking forward to the NFR—It’s my life goal. 

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