Jackpot Accident Sidelines Driggers’ June Rodeo Schedule
NFR header Kaleb Driggers has drawn out of the June 2021 BFI with a broken hand, but hopes to be rodeo ready by July.

As team ropers are loaded up and headed out for the ProRodeo summer run, eight-time NFR qualifier Kaleb Driggers is home, sidelined with a break in his left hand.

Driggers was involved in a freak team roping accident on June 2, 2021, when his horse, Schmidty, fell while pulling a steer.

“We were jackpotting at Mount Pleasant (Texas) at the new Priefert arena,” Driggers said. “When my horse went to take a hold of the steer, his front left foot slid in the ground. It kind of slid back and inward. When that happened, he stepped over with his right foot and sent us both into the ground pretty good.”