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The Head Horses of the 2024 American Rodeo (And Yes, We Have Their Pedigrees, Too)
Looks like they want run at The American.

The American Rodeo won’t just feature the best headers in the world in 2024—each roper is also bringing one of the best head horses with them, too, to compete for the massive payday in Globe Life Field March 9, 2024.

The only returning American Rodeo champion horse in the line up is Clint Summers’ WSR Hesa Alive, who won the title in 2023 with Kaleb Driggers. WSR Hesa Alive is also the oldest in the bunch as a 2004 model. If Clay Smith rides GCH Jet To The Sun, the gray gelding he rode at the National Western earlier this year, he’ll be the youngest horse on the head side as a 2017 model.

Here are the pedigrees of The American Rodeo’s head horses, in draw order:

1. Luke Brown: DM Jet Off

DM Jet Off Luke Brown Head Horse

2. Clay Smith: Flinty

or GCH Jet To The Sun

GCH Jet Tothesun 467

3. Derrick Begay: Caseys Glory

Caseys Glory Derrick Begay

4. Dustin Egusquiza: King Sabre Bar

Dustin Egusquiza King Sabre Bar

5. Andrew Ward: Cole E Man

6. Shay Dixon Carroll: Sparks In The Bud

Shay Carroll Sparks In The Bud

7. Clint Summers: WSR Hesa Alive

WSR Hesa Alive

8. Coy Rahlmann: Blue

Coy Rahlmann Blue GRADE

9. Tyler Wade: Espuela Bro

Espuela Bro

10. Brenten Hall: UNKNOWN

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