Full Results: 2023 Lone Star Shootout
The 2023 Lone Star Shootout is Feb. 24-26 in Stephenville, Texas's Lone Star Arena, streaming exclusively on Roping.com.
Dalton Turner sets to rope at the 2023 Lone Star Shootout team roping.
Dalton Turner at the 2023 Lone Star Shootout. Image by Jamie Arviso.

The 2023 Lone Star Shootout runs Feb. 24-26, pitting the best ropers in the business head to head in Stephenville’s Lone Star Arena in the middle of the winter-rodeo run.

Run in the same format as the George Strait Team Roping Classic, the Lone Star Shootout splits the 200+ teams into five rotations behind a rope barrier on an enter-three-times format, with the top 10 fastest times in each rotation qualifying to the three-head, clean-slate finals Sunday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m.

Watch the full roping at Roping.com.

Full Lone Star Shootout Results: Qualifying Rotations

Rotation 1

Rot 1
1Jake OrmanBrye Crites10.75
2Dalton TurnerDaniel Braman10.90
3Tyler WadeTravis Graves11.23
4Jeff FlennikenJC Flake11.70
5Zach KilgusJake Edwards11.74
6Mason AppletonCooper Freeman11.75
7Billy Bob BrownKirby Blankenship12.26
8Cutter DuckettDaniel Braman12.28
9Chad MastersTrey Yates12.65
10Brandon BeersJustin Davis13.12
11Casey TewBlaine Turner14.20
12Zane KilgusDouglas Henry17.25
Round 1
1Marcus TheriotColeby Payne4.69750/750
2Tyler WadeTravis Graves4.80500/500
Round 2
1Mason AppletonCooper Freeman5.22625/625
2Jake OrmanBrye Crites5.22625/625


Rot 2
1Hagen PetersonCaleb Hendrix10.05
2Jake OrmanTyler Worley10.37
3Dustin EgusquizaLevi Lord10.53
4Chad MastersHunter Koch10.56
5Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira10.69
6Brenten HallPaden Bray10.88
7Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith10.99
8Lightning AguileraLogan Medlin11.26
9Luke BrownKollin Von Ahn11.66
10Andrew WardTravis Graves11.81
11Cory SmothersShawn Crockett14.50
12Clay AdamsCade Cowan16.10
Round 1
1Hagen PetersonCaleb Hendrix4.33750/750
2Lightning AguileraLogan Medlin4.65500/500
Round 2
1Jake OrmanTyler Worley5.14750/750
2Dustin EgusquizaLevi Lord5.16500/500


Rot 3
1Cory KiddLane Mitchell11.39
2Zach KilgusEvan Arnold11.43
3Brenten HallBrye Crites11.57
4Blake HughesBrady Norman12.64
5Curry KirchnerTrigger Hargrove12.95
6Shane PhilippWill Woodfin13.04
7Ramiro GonzalezEzzio Jacquez13.83
8Garrett FreemanChad Mathes14.64
9Slade WoodLogan Moore16.29
10Quinton ParchmanTrent Vaught17.05
11Denton ParishRance Doyal18.39
12Wyatt J HowellMason Pitts19.28
Round 1
1Coy BrittainWhit Kitchens4.99750/750
2Shane PhilippWill Woodfin5.39500/500
Round 2
1Cory Kidd VLane Mitchell5.41750/750
2Brenten HallBrye Crites5.55500/500


Rot 4
1Manny EgusquizaCade Passig10.90
2Billy Bob BrownBlaine Vick11.20
3Jake SmithWill Woodfin11.27
4JR DeesDouglas Rich11.38
5Casey TewEvan Arnold11.39
6Cyle DenisonBrady Norman11.79
7Cooper WhiteTucker White11.92
8Clay SmithPaul Eaves11.94
9Brenten HallTyler Worley12.02
10Kolby KriegerJake South12.16
11Shay CarrollLogan Moore13.05
12JC YeahquoLJ Yeahquo16.45
Round 1
1Denton ParishCashton Weidenbener4.97750/750
2Manny EgusquizaCade Passig5.25500/500
Round 2
1Billy Bob BrownBlaine Vick5.53750/750
2Manny EgusquizaCade Passing5.65500/500
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