Million Bucks: Proctor Surpasses Million-Dollar Mark
Proctor crosses $1-million-mark in Pro Rodeo earnings.

Four-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo header and Coleman Proctor has accumulated $1,055,305 in PRCA career earnings since joining the PRCA in 2004, adding him to the million dollar club. 

“I thought I was still $60,000 away,” Proctor said in shock. “It’s taken me 14 years. It’s a heck of a club, and it’s a great honor to be in that group. It’s definitely a goal—you definitely keep an eye on it—so it was neat to cross it. Jake (Long) and Travis Graves are already in the million-dollar boat, so it’s cool to finally get caught up to them. Like when I got my first back number, they had all already been to the Finals. It’s just cool to finally join their ranks. Now the race is on, and hopefully I hit the $2-million mark because the money is out there now. It’s a great time to be a rodeo cowboy.” 

Proctor recently won RFD-TV’s The American with Ryan Motes banking $433,333.33, with $50,000 of those earnings counting towards the PRCA standings for the first time. He and Motes also tied RodeoHouston champions Ty Blasingame and Kyle Lockett in the third round of their bracket with a 4.9-second-run for first in the round, adding $2,500 to each man’s earnings.  

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“I think the amount of money that’s now become available is incredible,” Proctor said. “When I first started out it took $48,000 to make the Finals. I had about $20,000 won by the end of the winter and we still missed the Finals that year. I would love to see the day it takes $120,000 to make the Finals, because it’s still costing us around $70,000 a year to rodeo. It would be neat if by making the Finals you already had a profitable year. Of course, I benefitted from The American. I know people might think my opinion might be a little skewed one direction or another. I think when you only have one event it does seem like it takes away from some of the guys. It’s kind of a catch-22 because you never want to scoff at more money being out there, but then you see a guy who ends up 16th because a team won Houston that year. I think as long as there’s more than one major rodeo like that it helps kind of balance it out.”

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Despite sitting third in the PRCA world standings with $61,886.96 early in the season, Proctor doesn’t plan on slowing down, except when it comes time for the birth of his baby. 

“I plan on staying flexible,” Proctor said. “I don’t plan on taking any time off. We’re expecting our baby, so I want to kind of be around for that because that’s more important to me right then. And Ryan (Motes) is cool with that. That’s one of the things that’s great about my partner because he’s so supportive about it. He’s definitely a family-type man himself, so he’s behind me 100-percent, whatever I want to do.”

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Proctor joined the PRCA in 2004, and made his first Wrangler NFR in 2014 with long-time friend Jake Long. He missed the NFR in his 2018 campaign, but still managed to win $61,008 roping with Billie Jack Saebens and Ryan Motes. He finished as high as fourth in the PRCA world standings in 2014, earning $149,574 that year alone. 

To add to his resume, Proctor has a winning edge at the big jackpots, winning the George Strait Team Roping Classic in 2010 with Long. He placed second at the 2017 Bob Feist Invitational Open roping and fifth in the 2018 BFI with Billie Jack Saebens. 

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