Nine Best Local Ropings of the Summer

Your horses are fit, you’re roping sharp, and you’re ready to spend every spare weekend or evening at a jackpot. We’ve done our research to bring you the ropings you need to hit this June to August to make it the best summer you’ve spent in the roping pen yet. Don’t miss ’em!

Powell Butte World Series Qualifier
Location: Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte, Ore.
2013 Dates: June 14-16
Contact: (406) 360-2225,
Format: Open, #15 and #13, #12, #11, #10, and #9 WS qualifiers, junior pick/draw
Fee: $250/run (Open pick/draw with 5-steer buy back in first round), $150/roper (#15, #13, #12, #11, #10, and #9), $100/roper (junior)
How Many Times Can You Enter? 2
Payout: $50,000 (Open alone), first year for WSTR qualifier
Prizes: Buckles, jackets
What Makes It Great? “Central Oregon in the summer is amazing. The location is actually an equestrian golf resort. They have a great pool. So the wives can come, and it’s like a little vacation spot. It’s like a getaway. And a lot of the top ropers in the world were here last year for the Open. We want to have a real top quality roping here. We’ve had a huge turnout for our Sunday afternoon ropings, and the World Series has been migrating up north a little bit, and we want to give the guys a chance to qualify for the World Series Finale here.” – Dean Tuftin

WestStar Summer Series
Location: WestStar Ranch, Ellensburg, Wash.
2013 Dates: June 1, 14 and 29, July 13 and 27, August 2 and 17
Contact: (509) 962-4144,
Format: #5.5 handicap drawpot, #7.5 handicap drawpot, #7.5 handicap pick 1/draw 1 (ACTRA numbers)
Fee: 3 for $25 (5.5 and 7.5); 4 for $50 (7.5 pick/draw)
How Many Times Can You Enter? 5
Payout: $7,000 per roping
Prizes: Saddle pads and coats (nightly), engraved rifle, trophy crooked stirrups, pistol, cinch buckles, headstall, saddle pad, breast collar, wooden table, winter blanket, halter (series)
What Makes It Great? “People who come enjoy themselves, and a lot of times they bring friends with them. Beverages are free, and everyone just helps themselves. It’s more social, but that’s not to say they aren’t competitive. More people come and watch than other area ropings, and we’ve got great fresh cattle and great ground.” – Jo Repp

Big Loop Big Money Team Roping Tour Finals
Location: Brazos County Expo Complex Covered Arena, Bryan, Texas
2013 Dates: July 19-21
Contact: (713) 806-6012,
Format: Open, #15, #13, #12, #11, #10, #9, #8 (pick 1/draw 2 or draw 3), junior roping (one-end, ages 14 and under), Must have attended three of eight qualifiers to rope at the Finals
Fee: $150/roper (Open, #15, #13, #12, #11, #8), $100/man (#10), $50/roper (#9, junior roping)
How Many Times Can You Enter: 3 (Open, #15, #13, #12, #11), 5 (#9, junior roping), 2 (#8)
Payout: $230,000
Prizes: 14 Don Gonzales handmade trophy saddles, handmade boots, Yeti coolers, Sonny Silva trophy spurs, 80% payback
What Makes It Great? “The good thing about it is that you can go to three out of eight of our qualifiers throughout the year and get to go to a good finals locally. You can win $5,000 and prizes close to home, and all of our qualifiers give out buckles to average winners, too.” – John Philipp

Lone Star Cowboy Church Finals
Location: Lone Star Arena, Montgomery, Texas
2013 Dates: Aug. 30-Sept. 2
Contact: (936) 537-5739,
Format: #8 capped at a #4 pick/draw, #10 capped at a #6, #13 slide jackpot no cap
Fee: $125 (#8 and #10, pick 1 draw 4 or draw 5), $30/roper (#13 slide)
How Many Times Can You Enter? 2 (#8 and #10), 10 (#13)
Payout: $32,000
Prizes: Two-horse trailer, trophy saddles
What Makes It Great? “We want to get people through the door who haven’t maybe been to church in a while. We keep the fees low, and it’s just a great roping that feels like a social event. We have two warm-up arenas, and our arena is filled with volunteers who want to make it a great day. We’ve got professional-quality flaggers, secretaries, and ground, and always good cattle.” – Charlotte Casey

4th Annual Gunslinger Classic
Location: Middle Park Fairgrounds, Kremmling, Colo.
2013 Date: June 22
Contact: (970) 531-6876
Format: Open handicap draw, #12 straight-team
Fee: $30
How Many Times Can You Enter? 10 each side
Payout: $10,000
Prizes: Pistols
What Makes It Great? “Get out of the Colorado heat and come up to the mountains to rope. It’s on a Saturday during a window that you can hit some rodeos, too, when you come up.” ?- Shea Meeks

Mormon Lake World Series of Team Roping Qualifier
Location: Mormon Lake Lodge Arena, Mormon Lake, Ariz.
2013 Date: July 5-7
Contact: (928) 692-8465,
Format: #14 and #10 Warm up, #13, #12, #11, #10, and #9 WS qualifiers, All-Girl, #8
Fee: $100/roper (#14 and #10 Warm up), $50 (All-Girl), $200 (#8)
How Many Times Can You Enter? 3 (#14 and #10 Warm up), 5 (All-Girl), 2 (WS Qualifiers)
Payout: $302,000
Prizes: Buckles
What Makes It Great? “Mormon Lake, AZ is an ideal place to rope in the summer because of it’s location. Mormon Lake is 30 minutes from Flagstaff, AZ in the cool pines, there is plenty of room for camping, there are cabins to rent, a great restaurant and bar, and it is a family friendly environment.” – Stacie Fuller

Fernley World Series of Team Roping Qualifier
Location: Fernley Fairgrounds, Fernley, Nevada
2013 Date: June 22
Contact: (408) 640-6026,
Format: #13, #12, #11, #10, #9 WS qualifiers
Format: #13, #12, #11, #10, #9 WS qualifiers
Fee: $150
How Many Times Can You Enter? 2
Payout: $153,768 (in 2012)
Prizes: Buckles and breast collars
What Makes It Great? “You get 80-percent payback on your money, and you get to qualify to rope for the big money in Las Vegas.” – David Brown

Longhorn Productions ProRodeo Hall of Fame Ropings
Location: ProRodeo Hall of Fame Arena, Colorado Springs, Colo.
2013 Dates: Kicks off May 19, June 2, 16 and 30, July 14 and 21, August 4 and 18, Finale Sept. 15
Contact: (480) 710-2103,
Format: #13 handicap, #12 handicap, #10 with #8 incentive
Fee: $125/roper (#13), $30/roper (#12), $30/roper (#10)
How Many Times Can You Enter? 3 (#13), 5 (#12 and #10)
Payout: $17,000 per roping
Prizes: Saddles, buckles, spurs, Resistol Hats (year-end)
What Makes it Great? “The producers make the day a family event. They provide beverages to quench our thirst on hot sunny days. They always make sure there is something for the kids to do (stick horse race, egg toss, sack race, etc.) and every kid that participates gets a prize. They have a vendor on-site for food, drinks and ice cream. Ropers are happy with the cattle, and there is very little downtime in between ropings. It’s just a great atmosphere with tons of rodeo history with great people!” – Mary Adamczyk Hughett

National All Amateurs” Cowboy Christmas
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
2013 Date: July 4-6
Contact: 520.251.1495;
Format: Pick 1, Draw 2 or Draw 3 for $150
How Many Times Can You Enter? Two to three times
Payout: $160,000 in cash and prizes
Prizes: Saddles, buckles, Ford dually truck
What Makes It Great? “National All Amateurs already caters exclusively to 5 Elite-and-under ropers by providing great cattle, short scorelines and, most importantly, huge payoffs. The roping”s called Cowboy Christmas because so much loot is up for grabs over three days. Think about it-Trevor Brazile has won more money during the PRCA’s Cowboy Christmas than any human-$39,993 in 2011. At the NAA Cowboy Christmas in Rapid City last year, 18-year-old Amelia McGuire earned $60,000 including a new truck. Merry Christmas, indeed!” – Ty Yost

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