College Rodeo Partners with Ground Hog Arena Tool for CNFR

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association announced Friday a new partnership with The Ground Hog Arena Tool and Lucas Metal Works, Inc. to provide the best dirt possible at the 2012 College National Finals Rodeo.

Lucas Metal Works, Inc. has generously agreed to provide the premiere arena grooming tool, “The Ground Hog.”

The Ground Hog Arena Tool was designed in 1996 by an avid arena owner, Raymond Lucas, who wasn’t satisfied with the arena grooming tools that were making their way through arenas throughout the nation. Raymond desired to have one tool, that could groom the arena ground in one pass, and produce the same consistent result every pass of the unit, safe and flawlessly conditioned ground. Having been the grandfather and father of national renowned barrel racers he was able to observe the downfalls of other tools throughout the nation. In 1996 Raymond developed the first model of The Ground Hog Arena Tool that enabled arena owners to not only rework the surface with the unit’s hydraulically operated ripper shanks but also fill in the holes that are dug by the horse when going around a barrel. This was accomplished with the unit’s double grader blades, which allow for dirt to be carried by the unit and in turn evenly distributed throughout the arena. Allowing for the unit’s pegged finishing roller to lastly compact and finish the ground safely for the horse and rider.

NIRA Commissioner, Roger Walters said, “We are very happy to have the support and assistance of Lucas Metal Works with their generous contribution to the 2012 CNFR.” He added, “The success and safety of our contestants is paramount, and with the use of The Ground Hog, we feel we can better our production and provide added safety for the participants.”

Lucas Metal Works Director of Marketing, Anthony Tucker, said, “On behalf of The Ground Hog Arena Tool brand and the parent company, Lucas Metal Works, we couldn’t be more excited about our recent agreement with commissioner Roger Walters and the College National Finals Rodeo to become the official ground tool of the 2012 College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. We strongly support and advocate for opportunities for young adults to further their education through the opportunities provided by collegiate sports. In addition our company has a long history in the rodeo industry having had several nationally renowned barrel racers within the Lucas family we strongly support rodeo as a sport in universities and colleges across our great country. We look forward to providing safe and flawlessly conditioned ground for all participants in the 2012 College National Finals Rodeo. We hope that the relationship with the CNFR and The Ground Hog Arena Tool will continue to grow to allow for future opportunities for The Ground Hog Arena Tool with the CNFR. We look forward to seeing all participants and spectators in Casper, Wyoming.”

Lucas Metal Works recently added an optional watering system to the unit to allow for the user to maintain the moisture of the surface in their respective arena. This in essence also helps keep the horse and rider sound again by not allowing dust to enter both horse and riders’ lungs. In addition to allowing the unit’s rippers to work the surface easier with moisture now present in the surface’s terrain.

Consistent, that is the word The Ground Hog’s manufacturer, Lucas Metal Works, hears the most when talking with their customers who own the unit. That is exactly what Raymond set out to accomplish when designing The Ground Hog for his family of barrel racers, a unit that was consistent ever time you used it. Now arena owners, barrel racers, rodeo associations, expo centers, and the granddaddy of all rodeos, the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), trust The Ground Hog Arena Tool to provide them with the consistent safe surface they seek.
For more information about The Ground Hog Arena Tool and The Ground Hog Watering System:
Call a Ground Hog Expert 866-689-8904 or visit

The national headquarters of the NIRA are located in Walla Walla, Washington. More information on the association and results from recent events available on

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