No. 1 Circuit Leaders Heading into 2021 Cowboy Christmas Run

Here are the current Pro Rodeo circuit heading and heeling leaders as of June 24, 2021.

Pro Rodeos are in full swing and PRCA team ropers are in pursuit of a top-12 finish in their designated circuit standings to qualify for the circuit finals. The team that finishes in the No.1 position in the circuit standings qualifies for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida, where they’ll rope for the National Circuit Year-End Title.

Here is a full circuit-by-circuit list of the current circuit leaders: 

Columbia River Circuit

Riley Minor, $5,793.68

Brady Minor, $5,793.68

Minors Continue Comeback with Columbia River Circuit Finals Average Win 

California Circuit

Blake Hirdes, $7,738.17

Wyatt Cox, $6,437.85

Reed and Shawnego Take California Circuit Finals Team Roping Title 

Wilderness Circuit

Quinn Kesler, $7,448.03

Caleb Hendrix, $7,448.03

Montana Circuit

Brady Tryan, $1,260.78

Justin Viles, $1,260.78

Brothers-In-Law Day and Williams Pick Up Average Win at Montana Circuit Finals 

Mountain States Circuit

Garrett Tonozzi, $5,217.50

Trey Yates, $3,653.55

Turquoise Circuit

Erich Rogers, $4,968.13

Paden Bray, $4,968.13

Texas Circuit

Dustin Egusquiza, $22,831.81

Travis Graves, $22,831.81

Driggers and Mitchell Secure Texas Circuit Finals Average Win 

Prairie Circuit

Curry Kirchner, $8,089.70

Reagan Ward, $8,135.82

Ward and Hawkins Take 2020 Prairie Circuit Team Roping Title, Take Aim at NFR 

Great Lakes Circuit

Adam Rose, $5,969.05

J.W. Beck, $5,969.05

Great Lakes Circuit Champs Rahlmann and VonAhn Crowned RNCFR Team Roping Champs 

Southeastern Circuit

Justin Yost, $9,708.50

Reno Gonzales, $10,387.50

Theriot and Curry Steal Southeastern Circuit Finals Average Win with 5-second Lead 

First Frontier Circuit

Eric Fabian, $4,582.82

Derek Carey, $4,582.82

Badlands Circuit

Brent McInerney, $4,615.50

Riley Curuchet, $5,830.58

Bucket List Checkoff: Cooper and Tucker White Achieve Big Goal in Badlands Circuit 

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