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Jess A Moose

"The Score" Podcast

Lightning Aguilera’s Jess A Moose is 2022’s Head Horse of the Year

"The Score," with Lightning Aguilera, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes

Team Roping News

Northeast Knife-Fight Ensues, More Final Weekend Circuit Results

The final weekend of the 2022 ProRodeo season provided endless action in 12 of the 13 circuit standings.

Heel Horses

"The Score" Podcast

GOATs: The Longest-Lasting Heel Horses of All Time

We're talking about the greatest heel horses of all time on this episode of "The Score," brought to you back Fast Back Ropes.

Cesar de la Cruz Heeling

Team Roping Gear

What is Backswing and Why Does It Matter?

Knowing how your ropes really work can elevate your game. Fast Back Ropes' GM Coy Upchurch and NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz explain.

Lightning Aguilera Jonathan Torres

"The Score" Podcast

Lightning Aguilera: From South Florida to San Antonio

Lightning Aguilera just won the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and this week he's on The Score to introduce himself to the team roping community.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Hirdes and Pearce Tops in Team Roping at California Circuit Finals Rodeo

Blake Hirdes and Dalton Pearce won the California Circuit Finals Rodeo with a time of 19.2 seconds on three head, worth $2,946 a man.

"The Score" Podcast

Fast Back Ropes General Manager Coy Upchurch

Fast Back Ropes GM Coy Upchurch is on "The Score" in season 4, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

Team Ropers

Tryan Relies on Rope Choice for Northerly Rodeo Hauls and Finishing the Season in Texas Circuit

Clay Tryan’s been a three-strand man for years, but he’s recently added two four-strand ropes to his repertoire for those out-of-the-ordinary occasions.

"The Score" Podcast

Tryan’s Career Evolution Keeps Him in World-Title Contention in 2021

Clay Tryan joins "The Score" host Chelsea Shaffer in Season 4, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

Team Roping News

Who’s Leading the Circuit Team Roping Standings in the 4th Quarter

Pro Rodeo Circuit heading and heeling leaders as of Sept. 3, 2021.

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