Orman and Crites Pick up Big Win at Buffalo Bill Rodeo As They Head Out for Summer Run
Jake Orman and Brye Crites won big at the Buffalo Bill Rodeo in North Platte, Nebraska with a 4.3-second run worth $3,684 per man before hitting the summer run.
Jake Orman

Jake Orman and Brye Crites won big at the Buffalo Bill Rodeo in North Platte, Nebraska with a 4.3-second run worth $3,684 per man as they head out for the summer run with the goal of staying hooked for the rest of the season and finishing among the top 15. 

During the final performance on Saturday night, Orman and Crites took advantage of a rerun to challenge Nelson Wyatt and Tyler Worley’s leading time of 5.0 seconds. Orman and Crites topped their run by seven-tenths of a second, leaving Wyatt and Worley in second place earning $3,296 each, and Kreece Thompson and Chad Williams in third place earning $2,908 each with their 5.1-second run.

“We just had a really dang good cow and Jake headed him terrifyingly fast,” Crites, 28, of Welch, Oklahoma said. “When he turns them that fast, all I have to do is catch. I know we’re going to win when he hangs it on them like that.”

Orman rode his gray gelding, Frank, for the win. Over the past six years, this horse has been key to Orman’s success in ProRodeo, finishing 24th in the world in 2022, 22nd in 2020, and setting arena records at both the 2019 La Fiesta de los Vaqueros in Tucson, Arizona and the 2018 National Western Stock Show & Rodeo in Denver, Colorado.

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“He’s really good at the one-headers,” Orman, 30, of Prairie, Missippi said. “He scores good, he finishes good, and makes it happen fast.”

Crites rode Cherry, a sorrel gelding his wife bought as a 3-year-old. Crites heeled on Cherry for years, sold him to Brenten Hall to rope calves on, and ultimately bought him back for ProRodeo.

“He’s super quick, he’s fast-footed, he stops hard,” Crites said. “He makes it happen all at one time, pretty much.”

Orman and Crites began roping together after the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020 when they were searching for partners, and now they have taken their partnership to new heights as they are ranked seventh in the PRCA ProRodeo world standings, with Orman earning $40,107.55 and Crites earning $39,580.45. 

With their win this weekend, the team is hoping to continue their winning streak into summer when they rope at the Greeley Stampede and the Reno Rodeo later this week.

Buffalo Bill Rodeo Results:

1. Jake Orman and Brye Crites, 4.3 seconds, $3,684 each
2. Nelson Wyatt and Tyler Worley, 5.0 seconds, $3,296
3. Kreece Thompson and Chad Williams, 5.1 seconds, $2,908
4/5. Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin
4/5. Paul David Tierney and Tanner Braden, 5.3 seconds, $2,327 each
6. Chad Masters and Paul Eaves, 5.4 seconds, $1,745
7. Jeff Johnston and Jett Hillman, 5.5 seconds, $1,357
8/9/10. Cooper Brott and J.W. Nelson
8/9/10. Jr. Dees and Levi Lord
8/9/10. Coy Rahlmann and Douglas Rich, 5.6 seconds, $582 each

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