Do-or-Die Time

Sudden-Death Day in Puyallup: Here are the 2023 Team Ropers in the Top 8
Sunday, Sept. 10 is a clean-slate round of eight then sudden-death round of four in Puyallup, Washington team roping for the Cinch Playoffs.
Puyallup team roping's Travis Graves, Jonathan Torres and Hunter Koch
Travis Graves, Jonathan Torres and Hunter Koch all have make-or-break runs Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023 in Puyallup's team roping. | Click Thompson, AVID Visual Imagery and Tanya Hamner Photos

Sunday, Sept. 10 is a clean-slate round of eight then sudden-death round of four in Puyallup, Washington, at the Cinch Playoffs.

It’s got massive implications for the teams duking it out on the bubble, like Coy Rahlmann and Jonathan Torres, Cody Snow and Ross Ashford, Clay Smith and Coleby Payne, Luke Brown and Hunter Koch and Keven Daniel and Travis Graves.

Rahlmann is 20th in the PRCA world standings with $69,688.54 won as of Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023, and Torres is 21st with $73,495.26 won. Rahlmann is a full $10,395 out of the No. 15 spot that Jake Cooper Clay holds, while Torres is $4,052 out of the No. 15 spot currently held by Justin Davis. The $13,000-per-man swing at Puyallup would change things substantially for this duo, but a top-four finish at Puyallup would also get them into Sioux Falls the last week of the season—a major coup for the one-time NFR qualifiers.

Cody Snow is 13th in the world with $84,241.78 won, but his heeler (at Puyallup alone) Ross Ashford needs $1,035 to squeak into the top 15 as of Sunday morning from 17th. Clay Smith and Coleby Payne already have $2,512.50 a man won from Puyallup, which will bump Smith into the top 15 before the eight-man round starts Sunday with $81,597 on the year and will put Payne at $79,025.50close to the top 15.

Before Puyallup, Luke Brown and Hunter Koch had $78,599.09 won each, with Brown at 17th and Koch at 14th, but they’ve already won $2,512.50 each at Puyallup and could see a big difference with some more money out of Puyallup and a spot in Sioux Falls.

Keven Daniel and Travis Graves have $62,856.41 and $69,152.60 won, respectfully, and they’re 27th and 23rd in the PRCA world standings. They’re both out of Sioux Falls on points, but a win at Puyallup would get them in and make their season.

Qualifying from First Set:

  1. Tanner Tomlinson/Patrick Smith, 8.6 seconds on two head
  2. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 9.9
  3. Coy Rahlmann/Jonathan Torres, 10.2***
  4. Cody Snow/Ross Ashford, 10.5.***

Qualifying from Second Set:

  1. Clay Smith/Coleby Payne, 11.3 seconds on two head***
  2. Erich Rogers/Paul Eaves, 12.1
  3. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 12.6***
  4. Keven Daniel/Travis Graves, 13.1***

***Indicates a team on the bubble with NFR implications going into Puyallup’s final round.

Puyallup’s Payout

Perf 1 Thurs (BKT 1) (Per Man) 
HeaderHeelerTime Money Won 
1Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith4.3 $                  3,350.00 
2Tyler WadeWesley Thorp4.4 $                  2,512.50 
3Coleman ProctorLogan Medlin4.5 $                  1,675.00 
4Cody SnowRoss Ashford5.0 $                      837.50 
Perf 2 Fri (BKT 1)
HeaderHeelerTime Money Won 
1Nelson WyattTrey Yates3.8 $                  3,350.00 
2Rhen RichardJeremy Buhler3.9 $                  2,512.50 
3Clint SummersJake Long4.1 $                  1,675.00 
4Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith4.3 $                      837.50 
Perf 3 Sat Mat (BKT 2)
HeaderHeelerTime Money Won 
1Erich RogersPaul Eaves4.8 $                  3,350.00 
2Derrick BegayColter Todd5.3 $                  2,512.50 
3Clay SmithColeby Payne5.5 $                  1,675.00 
4JakeCooper ClayTyler Worley6.0 $                      837.50 
Perf 4 Sat Night (BKT 2)
HeaderHeelerTime Money Won
1Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira4.1 $                  3,350.00 
2Luke BrownHunter Koch5.5 $                  2,512.50 
3Josh SigginsCorey Hendrick5.7 $                  1,675.00 
4Clay SmithColeby Payne5.8 $                      837.50 
Perf 5 (8 RND )
HeaderHeelerTime Money Won 
5 $                  1,500.00 
6 $                  1,500.00 
7 $                  1,500.00 
8 $                  1,500.00 
Perf 5 (4 RND) 
HeaderHeelerScore Money Won 
1 $               13,000.00 
2 $                  9,750.00 
3 $                  6,500.00 
4 $                  3,250.00 
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