Pendleton Round-Up and World Series Heartland Finale

Pendleton Round-Up Seeking Former Champs for Centennial Rodeo

The Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up committee is trying to contact all former champions so they might consider attending this year’s centennial celebration, Sept. 15-18.

Past champions will receive a registration package, which will include admission to a welcome breakfast, four dinners with Western entertainment, a pair of tickets to all four days of the rodeo, two tickets to a night at Happy Canyon and a gift bag from Pendleton’s sponsors.
Contact Nancie Paxton at (541) 276-6662 or (817) 304-5888 for details.

World Series Adds a No. 15 to Its Heartland Finale

The World Series of Team Roping has added a No. 15 roping to their newly created Heartland Finale in Guthrie, Okla., this summer. Because entries in the add-on No. 15s across the country have continued to be strong—even after cancelling the No. 15 in Las Vegas—they will experiment with the concept again in Guthrie.

There is one condition organizers are placing on this roping: they will not accept entries from anyone under the age of 21 who is lower than a No. 6. Altered entry forms are available on the website at

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