Post-TCRA Finals
Checking in after a big weekend

I just got home from the TCRA Finals in Odessa, where I was lucky enough to compete and watch some of the best talent in our sport compete with me. 

I sure didn’t have the weekend I’d hoped to–I ended up third in the second round with a 3.1 and that’s it–but some tough young girls roped really, really well. Shoutout to Tierra Gray who won the average with a 10.1 on three, and my pal Whitney DeSalvo for ending up second. I had enough of a lead to win the year end despite not the best finals. 

I love seeing the young girls carrying the torch in this sport. I’m far from done yet, of course, but it’s sure good to know that we’re in good hands for years to come as far as the breakaway roping goes. 

Speaking of that, I listened to Hope T. give an interview yesterday on using your left hand in breakaway roping and the importance of it. You’ll have to wait until the next issue of Spin To Win Rodeo comes out to read it, but that girl knows her stuff… Someone sure taught her right…

Until next time, hang in there and #RopeLikeAGirl. 

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