The 3rd Annual Priefert Ranch Pro Roping is now streaming live on Members of this week can watch the livestream of the Priefert Ranch Open Team Roping starting Tuesday, May 28, through June 2, 2024, from Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Schedule update Thursday, May 30, 2024: All ropings for Friday, May 31, have been postponed to Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2.

Priefert’s PRO Roping is comprised of five days of team roping and breakaway at the Priefert Ranch. It kicked off May 28, with the Cavender’s 19 & Under Breakaway, followed by the Priefert Ranch Open Breakaway. The COJO Cologne Pro-Am Team Roping and Priefert Ranch Open are scheduled for Wednesday, followed by steer wrestling Thursday, May 30, and a full slate of World Series ropings May 31-June 2.

The Open was won in 2023 by young gun Gabe Williams and eight-time NFR qualifier Coleman Proctor. Williams and Proctor roped five steers in 31.33 seconds, a special win together for two guys who are more like brothers than partners.

The full schedule for the 2024 Priefert Ranch Pro Roping is as follows:

Schedule of Events

May 28

  • Cavender’s 19 & Under Breakaway w 15U Side Pot
  • Priefert Ranch Open Breakaway

May 29

  • COJO Cologne Pro-Am Team Roping 
  • Priefert Ranch Open

May 30

  • Priefert Ranch Open Steer Wrestling 
  • Ote Berry Jr Steer Wrestling


June 1

  • #12.5 Heartland 
  • #12.5 WSTR 
  • #11.5 WSTR 
  • #10.5 WSTR 
  • #9.5 Trent Ward Saddlery Add-On

June 2

  • #9.5 WSTR 
  • #8.5 WSTR 
  • #7 WSTR 

Priefert Ranch Pro Roping Results

Priefert Ranch Pro Roping 2024

COJO Cologne Pro-Am Team Roping – Pro Headers

  1. Nelson Wyatt/Spencer Perkins, 51.28 on four
  2. Jake Smith/Jackson Lee, 52.24 on four

COJO Cologne Pro-Am Team Roping – Pro Heelers

  1. Cole James/Buddy Hawkins, 33.67 on four
  2. Ryan Sims/Jake Smith, 34.16 on four
  3. Abbie Williams/Tyler Worley, 35.34 on four
  4. Gus Sharp/Junior Nogueira, 35.95 on four

Priefert Ranch Open


  1. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 35.99 on five, $12,500
  2. Nelson Wyatt/Travis Graves, 37.20 on five, $9,300
  3. Ty Arnold/Dustin Davis, 38.19 on five, $6,200
  4. Jake Smith/Nicky Northcott, 38.68 on five, $3,100

FT Short Go

  1. Cody Snow/Hunter Koch, 6.05 seconds, $2,000

15.5 Cactus Saddlery Add-On


  1. Denton Parish/Hayden Sanders, 33.42 on four, $3,700
  2. Bryson Berry/Dane Reed, 35.68 on four, $2,200
  3. Bryce Jenkins/Cash Palmore, 39.25 on four, $1,480

FT Short Go

  1. Walker Smith/Hayden Sanders, 5.96 seconds, $300

About Priefert PRO Roping

With more than 1,200 dealers around the world, family-owned-and-operated Priefert has been a leading manufacturer of farm, ranch and rodeo equipment for more than 50 years. Its Priefert Chutes have become synonymous with the roping industry. In 2022, the Priefert family hosted the first Priefert Ranch Open in Mount Pleasant.


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