Proctor’s Carmine Wins Head Horse of the BFI
Proctor’s steady mount Carmine takes the top honors as Head Horse of the BFI.

Coleman Proctor, along with partner, Billie Jack Saebens, stayed consistent all day to take home second at the Bob Feist Invitational with a 46.23-second run on six-head worth $42,000 a man. Proctor rode Like A Cat (“Carmine”), the 16-year-old sorrel gelding, who stunned the crowed and took home the Head Horse of the Year title.

Kaitlin Gustave: What does it mean for your horse Carmine to win BFI Horse of the Year and what’s the backstory on him?

Coleman Proctor: Man, it’s just such an honor. I’ve always thought that horse was great. It’s neat to get recognized by other people as being really good, so that was really special for him. He came from Speed Williams. A good friend of mine, Shane Boston, is the one that helped me acquire him. I know they’re really happy and excited to see him going and doing good. He’s the only reason I’ve ever made the National Finals.

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KG: What did you and Jake say to each other when you hugged after the short round?

CP: It was definitely a great moment. Before the short round Jake said, ‘Well, this is something we’ve both dreamed of all the time since we were kids.’ It was a special day—really fun.

KG: You have a baby on the way, is this going to buy you a lot of diapers?

CP: Yep, (laughing) hopefully. Yeah, we got a kid on the way and we just bought some land so we’ve got plenty uses for some extra cash. We were just really excited to be able to put some more food on the table and get some more pampers lined up. 

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