Kicking Off the Summer Run
The plan for the big summer rodeo run through the Fourth of July.

I’m back in Weatherford, Texas, getting to stay close to home for a few days before the summer run really kicks off. I’ve been working hard in the gym and riding my new horse, Bo Lightening, that I bought from Jackie Moore out of Missouri. He’s only 6, and I like him already. I’ll be taking him to some of the smaller rodeos around the house.

Credit: Photo courtesy Tyson Durfey

Shea (my wife) and I partnered with her parents on a house and 30 acres just two miles from our house as an investment, so we’ve been really busy working on the house and getting the pastures cleared up. Who knows, we could move there if we decide to sell our place. That’s kept us pretty busy though. 

We got some downtime last Saturday, though, and we went to Dallas to see George Strait’s last concert. Every major act in country music was there, and George Strait and Alan Jackson had to be my favorites. But Sheryl Crow was amazing, Miranda Lambert was great, Jason Aldean was good as always. There were so many extremely talented people. We got to meet some celebrities, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, three-time Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champ Jay Novacek and Ray Childress, who played 12 seasons in the NFL with the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys. We even got to hang out with the Randy Rogers Band on their bus. Those guys are wild. My sponsors at ProVision made it all possible–if you’ve got digital surveillance needs, even for inside your horse trailer, they’ve got you covered. 

This is the first full year I’ve been married rodeoing, and the one thing is that it’s given me so much confidence. I’ve got someone in my corner pushing me no matter what. Shea isn’t the kind of laid back wife to be OK with anything–she’s competitive and she’s a hustler. She’s always pushing me, and I’m always pushing her with her music. She’s got my back, and it’s unbelievable. I wish I’d met her sooner in life really. 

So after this little break, we start a really busy summer. We’re already entering all of the rodeos over the Fourth, and I’ll have two rigs on the road and a jet plane. I’m sharing the plane with Trevor Brazile, Travis Graves and Tuf Cooper. I’m riding Muenster, Trevor Thiel’s horse, who I rode at The American, and I’ll have my old horse, Bailey, on the road, too. Just over the Fourth we’ll go to Sonora, Pecos, Prescott, Window Rock, Cody, Livingston, Red Lodge, St. Paul, Ore., Airdrie, Alb., Ponoca, Alb., and then onto Calgary. I’m looking forward to a big summer, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my #RoadtoNFR14. 

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