What Will the 2023 NFR Pay in the Team Roping?
Here's how the 2023 NFR will pay for team ropers in the average and go-rounds.
Tanner Tomlinson NFR average payout
Tanner Tomlinson as he clinched the 2022 NFR average title with Patrick Smith. | Jamie Arviso Photo

We might not know exactly what heelers will be in roping in the Thomas & Mack with less than two weeks before the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo kicks off, but we do know the 2023 NFR team roping payout.

Here’s how the money breaks down for the NFR team roping payout, with the payout increasing by 5.8% year-over-year. For context, the average American worker in private industry saw a 4.5% increase year-over-year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The consumer price index shows inflation is at 3.2% year-over-year, according to the BLS.

Go-Round Payout (per man)

2023 Each of the 10 Full Go-Rounds: $99,052.92 each2022 PER GO-ROUND, PER EVENT: $93,270 each
1$30,706.41 1$28,914 
2$24,267.97 2$22,851 
3$18,324.79 3$17,255 
4$12,876.88 4$12,125 
5$7,924.23 5$7,462 
6$4,952.65 6$4,664 

Average Payout (per man)

2023 Average Payout: $297,158.77 each2022 Average Payout: $279,811
1$78,747.07 1$74,150 
2$63,889.14 2$60,159 
3$50,516.99 3$47,568 
4$37,144.85 4$34,976 
5$26,744.29 5$25,183 
6$19,315.32 6$18,188 
7$13,372.14 7$12,591 
8$7,428.97 8$6,995 
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